When Sinners Say "I DO": Discovering the Power of the Gospel for Marriage

Shepherd Press, 2007
ISBN: 9780983099000
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Marriage is the union of two people who arrive at the altar toting some surprisingly large luggage. Often it gets opened right there on the honeymoon, sometimes it waits for the week after. The Bible calls it sin and understanding its influence can make all the difference for a man and a woman who are building a life together.

Dave’s writing embraces the reader with humor and honesty as he speaks about sin and the power of the Gospel to overcome it. He opens the delightful truth of God’s word and encourages the reader to see more clearly the glorious picture of what God does when sinners say “I do.”

“Dave Harvey skillfully exposed the real root of most marriage problems—each spouse is still a sinner. But he doesn’t leave us to wallow in our sin. He shows the way out through the ongoing power of the Gospel. This book will be helpful for any married couple whether they’ve been married five weeks or 50 years.”—Jerry Bridges, board of directors, The Navigators

“Dave Harvey not only offers a biblical diagnosis of marital strife, but prescribes the cure as well — the gospel. When Sinners Say “I Do” provides clarity in conflict, hope in despair, and points the way to a joy-filled, God glorifying marriage.”—C.J. Mahaney, senior pastor, Sovereign Grace Church