About Faithlife Ebooks

On ebooks.faithlife.com, explore ebooks from your favorite Christian authors, find deals on ebooks you love, and discover your next favorite book. Use the Faithlife Ebooks app to connect your personal reading material with the power of Logos Bible Software, integrating Bible study materials with your Christian book collection. Discover rich, biblical background in the ebooks you read.

Bring the Bible into your ebooks.

Tap a Bible reference on your device to pull it up in your preferred Bible translation. This lets you to read the Bible along with your favorite Christian ebooks.

Enjoy your reading time anywhere.

Faithlife Ebooks also brings you titles written by Christians for Christians, readable on any mobile device—a virtual Christian bookshelf that goes wherever you go.

Find what you’re looking for.

Search your entire bookshelf by topic, author, and more. Our cross-library search tool locates quotes and passages instantly. No more dog-eared pages or misplaced bookmarks.

Highlight and take notes.

Mark up your ebooks with notes and highlights. Share your favorite quotes with your friends on Facebook, or tweet them to your followers. It’s easy to select and copy text, so you can save and post quotes or passages from your favorite Christian ebooks.

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