Frequently Asked Questions

What happened to Vyrso? What is Faithlife Ebooks?

In February 2018, Vyrso became Faithlife Ebooks. We updated our website, app, and catalog to bring you more of the Christian ebooks you love. If you owned books in Vyrso, you can read them in the Faithlife Ebooks app, plus you can find many more great books on our new retail site.

How are Faithlife ebooks different from other ebooks?

Faithlife ebooks are specifically designed for use in the Faithlife Ebooks app. This app lets you search your books, take notes, highlight passages, and more right in your ebooks. Faithlife ebooks also include tagged Bible verses, so when a book you are reading references a Bible passage, you can read it right there, without leaving the Faithlife Ebooks app.

How do I download the Faithlife Ebooks app?

You can download the Faithlife Ebooks app through the app store on your device. For more information, visit here.

Why should I register my account?

While registering isn't required to download the app, users are required to register an account to access their library. Existing Logos users are already registered and can sign in using their email address and password to access their full Logos and Faithlife Ebooks libraries.

I am a Logos customer. How does the Faithlife Ebooks app benefit me?

Logos users who sign in with their Faithlife account will be able to access their Logos library in the Faithlife Ebooks app, and they can access their Faithlife ebooks in their Logos library. Some Logos features are limited to the Logos app, but all resources can be accessed within both apps, bringing your whole library of Christian ebooks together.

Can I buy a hard copy of a book through your site?

Faithlife Ebooks is an ebook store and specializes in providing electronic content for your reading enjoyment on a variety of devices. We do not sell print editions of books.

How do I contact Faithlife Ebooks?

See our contact page for ways to contact us.