The Flat Marriage Fix

Barbour, 2012
ISBN: 9781620292495
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Sonya Kane feels alone, particularly when she learns that her husband, Brad, is leaving her behind for a long cycle trip, and with complete strangers, at that. Sonya's not athletic and has no interest in biking, but her heart longs to be close to her husband. Though he seems to have it all, Brad Kane feels stuck. He admires the vivacious Sonya, and he adores their giggly kindergartner, Maggie. Yet, inside, he feels remote, confused, and suffocated. When he learns of a Missouri River bike trip, he sings up on impulse. Maybe pendaling along the bluffs will bring him clarityor is he simply running away? Can Sonya and Brad find a way to rekindle their flame and pump new life into their flat marriage?