The Simplest Way to Change the World

Moody, 2017
ISBN: 9780802495112

We all feel that pull to make a difference in the world—to reach out more, champion the gospel, help those in need—but we also feel busy. How can we balance the responsibilities we already have with our desire to be salt and light?

One answer is hospitality.

In TheSimplest Way to Change the World, Dustin Willis explores the lost art of Christian hospitality. You’ll learn to:

• Reframe the way you see your home

• Be hospitable even if you don’t have the space for it

• Get creative in making an impact right where you are

• Involve others from your church

• Make your life more open, even while setting boundaries

Gospel-centered hospitality is the gift that gives back—as we open our lives up to others, we receive in heaping measures. And since most people are more likely to step into a living room than a sanctuary, hospitality is a strategic way to reach out.

Read The Simplest Way to Change the World, and discover how hospitality can add meaning to your life and open doors for the gospel like you never imagined.