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Her Good Name

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In the 1890 thriving coastal town of Holliston, Maine, the leading lumber baron’s son, Warren Brentwood, III, returns from his years away at college and traveling to take up his position as heir apparent to his father’s business empire.

Esperanza Estrada is the daughter of a Portuguese immigrant fisherman who has grown up surrounded by a brood of brothers and sisters and a careworn mother. Unable to pretend she is anything but “one of those Estradas," Espy has no chance with Warren, no matter  how striking she is. When she overhears of a position to clean house at a local professor's home on Elm Street, she jumps at the opportunity, hoping to be able to run into Warren Brentwood now and again as well as to imbibe the cultural and intellectual atmosphere of the Stocktons.

When rumors about Espy and this respected, married gentleman of the community begin to circulate, the entire church congregation and then the community pronounce judgment on her behavior. The man Espy is in love with, Warren, believes the lie and his loss of faith in her causes Espy to give up without a fight. She leaves her family and hometown for the nearest city with little money and no acquaintances and is forced to spend the night on the street. A man who heads a mission for the homeless finds Espy and offers her shelter. Espy finds the true love of God while working at the mission. Will she be able to forgive the townspeople and return home?

From the Back Cover

Lies and secrets can spoil a woman’s good name.

A half-Portuguese fisherman’s daughter doesn’t stand a chance with Warren Brentwood, the heir of the local lumber empire, no matter how striking she is. In an effort to better her life, Espy takes a job at the local professor’s home. He begins to tutor her and the rumors begin to fly.

After months working together on the church fundraiser, Espy and Warren share a passionate kiss. But Warren still believes the worst of her and she flees for the city as her childhood hero falls short of her ideal. Alone and penniless, she is taken in by a missionary and his wife before she is forced to sleep in a doorway. With nothing left but her faith she must discover the purpose God has laid out for her.

She longs to return home freed from the lies that surrounded her parting. But will anyone—particularly Warren—believe in her innocence?

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  • Title : Her Good Name
  • Author: Axtell, Ruth
  • Publisher: River North
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • ISBN: 9780802483812

RUTH AXTELL has published 13 romances under the name Ruth Axtell Morren with Steeple Hill/Love Inspired Books. She will have a single title regency out in March 2013 for Baker/Revell Books. Her books have been translated into Dutch, Italian, Polish, Czech and Afrikaans. She was a Golden Heart finalist in 1994. Her second published book, Wild Rose, was a Booklist ¿Top Ten Christian Fiction¿ selection in 2005. She is a member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers) and RWA (Romance Writers of America). Ruth studied comparative literature at Smith College with a concentration in French and English literature, and spent her junior year in Paris. Since then she has lived in the Netherlands and the Canary Islands. Shortly after college, she committed her life to Christ. Fourteen years later, she committed her writing to Him. Currently, Ruth lives on the down east coast of Maine with her three children and two cats. She enjoys the challenge of vegetable and flower gardening in a cool, foggy climate, long walks, reading and doing historical research for her novels.


Save $2.50 (25%)