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Is Believing in God Irrational?

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Is God really real? And how can we know if anyone's experience of God is actually valid? Skeptics today are increasingly vocal in their assertion not only that God is unverifiable, but also that believing in God is irrational and even dangerous. Even those who believe wonder if they can speak objectively about the actual reality of God or if they can only appeal to a subjective belief in God. Amy Orr-Ewing addresses key questions and objections that many people today have about God. She explores whether our understanding of God is delusional or merely a psychological crutch. She probes whether the Christian claim to a unique personal relationship with God is plausible in light of other world religions, and how anyone can continue to believe in God in a world of pain and suffering. If you have questions about God, you're not alone. Come consider some possible answers.

Foreword by Ravi Zacharias Introduction 1. What About Other People?s Genuine Experience of God? 2. Your "Experience of God" Is Delusional, Not Real . . . 3. Your Relationship with God Is Just a Psychological Crutch! 4. How Can You Say You Have Found the Truth if You Haven't Tried All the Alternatives? 5. If Christianity Is About Relationship with God, Why Does He Let Bad Things Happen to His Friends? 6. If Christianity Is About a Transforming Relationship with God, Why are Christians So Bad? 7. If God Is So Loving and Relational, Why Did He Go Ahead and Create When He Knew People Would End Up in Hell? 8. Belief in God is Dangerous 9. I Used to Believe, but I've Given it All Up 10. How Can I Know? Notes

"Amy Orr-Ewing is one of the foremost British evangelists and apologists of our generation. Her writings are clear-thinking, thoughtful and persuasive."

"Brilliant. . . . Defends the truths of Christianity with grace and intelligence."

"A provocative, informed and challenging book, which is certain to stimulate thought and conversation."

"A time of cynicism and shallow slogans is the church's time of opportunity. This book helps us water hard ground and plant seeds that might take root and bear fruit. Here is a guidebook that is elegant, understandable and necessary in our time. Please study it, and disseminate such thoughtfulness in a hurting world."

"Amy Orr-Ewing takes you on a journey to where the soul is at home with its hungers of mind and heart fulfilled. . . . She lives her message and is a powerful example of the truths she presents. She meets the test of reality, and that is what makes this book so arguably real."

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  • Title : Is Believing in God Irrational?
  • Authors:
    • Orr-Ewing, Amy
    • Zacharias, Ravi
  • Publisher: IVP Books
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • ISBN: 9780830879311


Digital list price: $21.99
Save $9.90 (45%)