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Knowing God

, 2011
ISBN: 9780830869459
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2016 WORLD Magazine's Topping the Top 50One of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals (Christianity Today, 2006)Platinum Book Award, Evangelical Christian Publishing Association For over 40 years, J. I. Packer's classic has been an important tool to help Christians around the world discover the wonder, the glory and the joy of knowing God. In 2006, Christianity Today voted this title one of the top 50 books that have shaped evangelicals. This edition is updated with Americanized language and spelling and a new preface by the author. Stemming from Packer's profound theological knowledge, Knowing God brings together two important facets of the Christian faith— knowing about God and also knowing God through the context of a close relationship with the person of Jesus Christ. Written in an engaging and practical tone, this thought-provoking work seeks to transform and enrich the Christian understanding of God. Explaining both who God is and how we can relate to him, Packer divides his book into three sections: The first directs our attention to how and why we know God, the second to the attributes of God and the third to the benefits enjoyed by a those who know him intimately. This guide leads readers into a greater understanding of God while providing advice to gaining a closer relationship with him as a result. Ebook edition includes both Knowing God and the Knowing God Study Guide.

Preface (1993) Preface (1973)I. Know the Lord 1. The Study of God 2. The People Who Know Their God 3. Knowing and Being Known 4. The Only True God 5. God Incarnate 6. He Shall TestifyII. Behold Your God! 7. God Unchanging 8. The Majesty of God 9. God Only Wise 10. God?s Wisdom and Ours 11. Thy Word Is Truth 12. The Love of God 13. The Grace of God 14. God the Judge 15. The Wrath of God 16. Goodness and Severity 17. The Jealous GodIII. If God Be For Us . . . 18. The Heart of the Gospel 19. Sons of God 20. Thou Our Guide 21. These Inward Trials 22. The Adequacy of God Index of Biblical Passages

"Week by week and day by day, Packer gives advice that is sure to motivate and inspire readers to reach for more in their quest to unite with God. A fine read for any devoted Christian."

"This is a book that urges us to know about God and then to know God in Jesus Christ. It is a book that serves up real meat—a thought-provoking call to apply ourselves to knowing who God is and to develop a close relationship with Him."

"Something must be said for the staying power of a book like J. I. Packer's Knowing God. With some of the language and rhetoric updated, the foundational elements of the book are as powerful and strong as ever."

"Packer was magisterial in substance, but adopted the tone of a fellow traveler. He convinced us that the study of God 'is the most practical project anyone can engage in.'"

"If I can't put the Bible on this list, I'll choose a Packer book instead. Every national and world leader must seek to know the nations and world in which they serve. And in order to know this world and its people, we must first know the God who shaped and molded us all. Packer simply and powerfully re-introduces us to God: his attributes, actions, and, most important, his grace."

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  • Title : Knowing God
  • Author: Packer, J. I.
  • Publisher: IVP Books
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • ISBN: 9780830869459


Digital list price: $29.99
Save $13.50 (45%)