The Leap

Moody Publishers, 2014
ISBN: 9780802492869
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The world, our economy, and technology have all made major leaps in the past decade-have you made The Leap along with them?

Work is different for this new generation than it has been in the past. Long-term careers are on the way out, and "gigs"-part-time, contract, or freelance work-are becoming more and more common. Whether you're in the midst of a career or just getting started, you need to be prepared for the changes headed your way.

What does it look like to avoid anchors? To create multiple income streams? To brand yourself? These tasks are going to be critical to the new generations entering the workforce.

Robert Dickie has served as a decorated Air Force Officer, the CEO of an international company, and as the leader of several non-profits (Christian and non-Christian), and he now serves as president of Crown Financial Ministries. With a biblical framework, Bob outlines seven proven strategies for operating in our new, ever-changing landscape. From saving to planning, from working to serving, this book is exactly what's needed to help a new generation of adults make the leap to work that will last in this new economy.