For Life: Defending the Defenseless

Kirkdale Press, 2013
ISBN: 9781577995371
Reg: $3.99

“We are one nation under God, and a nation that is under God must defend life at all stages—young and old alike.”

John Bornschein was an almost-aborted child. Abortion isn’t an abstract political argument—it’s about life and death for individuals. In For Life Bornschein shares his story and calls the church to defend the defenseless. Exploring Scripture and history, he equips you with the baseline and background knowledge you need to stand boldly on our culture’s front lines to protect life at all stages. A special section from the Family Research Council provides you with essential information for engaging others about the issues of abortion and defending your position.

Praise for For Life

This is an honest look at the most heartbreaking, divisive and important issue of our time. With facts and stories to support his case, John Bornschein tackles the subject with grace and truth.

—Randy Alcorn, director, Eternal Perspective Ministries

About the Author

John Bornschein is vice-chairman of the National Day of Prayer Task Force, an executive member of the National Prayer Committee, and author of A Prayer Warrior’s Guide to Spiritual Battle: The Front Line. During his 18 years in ministry, Bornschein held roles as a missionary and senior pastor, and served with Mission of Mercy, Heritage Builders, and Focus on the Family.