Team Us

Moody Publishers, 2014
ISBN: 9780802490704
Reg: $10.99

First comes love; then comes marriage. Then comes a need for much more love...and grace to wrestle through conflict, stick together, and remember that marriage puts the two of you on the same team.

Team Us: Marriage Together challenges husbands and wives to travel the marriage road with all kinds of grace. And to realize that marriage is worth it. It's hard because we're all selfish people, but God invented it to bring glory to Himself through our relationships. This book helps couples see the real potential that exists once marriage is viewed as a safe refuge in which we can grow together.

Every marriage-from the brand new ones, to the hurting ones, to the longest-lasting ones-needs the encouragement and charge to think together about your stuff, your past, your disagreements, your need for fun, those times when you feel stuck, those times when everything is going well, and all the other phases of marriage together.

We committed our lives to each other, let's do more than just "tough it out" or tolerate each other. Let's be better together.