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Holy Is the Day: Living in the Gift of the Present

, 2013
ISBN: 9780830895755

Life pulls us in many directions, sometimes even to the point of pulling our souls apart. We know rest and reflection are necessary for a healthy life—even Jesus took time to get away from the crowds, away from the demands of everyday life, to pray, to spend time with close friends, to sleep. But when Carolyn Weber—emotionally and physically exhausted from managing her career as a college professor, writing her first book and parenting three children under the age of three—hears this truth from a friend, all she can think is: but who will do everything if I don't? And this sets her on a journey to find the still, small space in each day. In these pages Carolyn reflects on the eternal beauty that lurks within the present. Drawing from literature, history and everyday life, Holy Is the Day is a collection of spiritual reflections that trace the way God's ever-renewing grace is a gift of the present. Opening it we find poignant stories of endurance, humility, compassion, remembrance and gratitude, as well a harrowing account of near-death experience. Carolyn gives us new eyes to receive the precious gift of the present and give it away to others.

Preface 1. Four in the Furnace 2. The Widow's Offering 3. Refined like Silver 4. U-Turn Friends 5. Even Jesus Went out in a Boat 6. Carpe Deum 7. Exclamation Marks in the Sky! 8. At the Threshold 9. The Dear Hunt 10. Grumble and Trust 11. Living in the Presence Epilogue

"Holy Is the Day grabbed my attention and held it with lines like, 'I couldn't afford therapy, so I started writing.' I love everything about Carolyn Weber's writing. The frankness with which she invites us to share her complicated life as a wife, mother, academic, driven career woman, damaged child, daughter of aging parents, beleaguered believer. The surprises as she leads us through the bends and twists in her spiritual journey. The fresh insights she brings to scriptural truths, from the perspective of someone who unexpectedly came to faith in Christ. And the marvelous turns of phrase from someone who loves literature and learning. My copy of Holy Is the Day is dog-eared and underlined; yours will be too."

"Weber's memoir is a delight to read, perhaps best summed up in her wise pronouncement at the center of the book that 'trauma prepares us for resurrection.' She writes of having babies at an 'advanced maternal age,' pursuing an academic career in a decidedly anti-Christian professional environment, trying to figure out how to juggle teaching with writing and family, and other day-to-day traumas of life, large and small. She rises up refreshed from each struggle and serves up what she learns with thought-provoking excursions into Scripture as well as into the literature she loves. She writes sweetly and earnestly, like a wise child. Or perhaps like the wise old woman of God that she hopes someday to become which, I'd argue, she already is."

"I could not put Holy Is the Day down! Right from her opening story, Weber hooks us with her luscious use of language and reels us close with her insights and stories, all keenly crafted to help open our eyes to see God at work and present in our days. A beautiful read."

"Carolyn Weber lives gracefully and writes elegantly. Her poetic eyes search beneath the surface, unearthing delightful insights missed by those in a hurry. Holy Is the Day is a call to see God and latch onto him, so he takes us through the day as he envisions it. This is a beautiful book that spoke to my heart and changed my day."

"Life and death, sorrow and joy. Waves of life that roll into Carolyn Weber's life are beautifully, soulfully examined. The author's story is meditatively interwoven with Scripture's story, not to hand us answers, but to offer us hope. The book is lovingly and honestly crafted. Read this one carefully as it is a gift from a heart that has grown in wisdom."

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  • Title : Holy Is the Day: Living in the Gift of the Present
  • Author: Weber, Carolyn
  • Publisher: InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • ISBN: 9780830895755