ISBN: 9780768494303

This powerful book of miracle testimonies will set your faith on fire! Miracles: Eyewitnesses to the Miraculous is a history book of sorts. It is a history book of the amazing work of God through R.W. Schambachs ministry for more than fifty years. As your read these exciting, true stories of Gods miracle power in action, your faith will be strengthened and your spirit encouraged. You will know that you believe in a God Who is bigger than any situation or circumstances you face.You will share in the excitement of an eyewitness view of Gods power at work. Brother Schambach is a powerful storyteller, and you will feel as if you wre really there with him. These miracle stories are vivid and alive. Also included is a faith-building section entitled The Miracles of Christ.You will read these testimonies:
     * What Mohammed couldnt do
     * Its never too late
     * A hospital in Newark
     * Seventeen deaf mutes healed
     * Fortune tellers nightmare
     * A mother helps her son break out of prison
     * The back rent blues
     * R.W. battles the devil
     * The man who was spared form the electric chair
     * The greatest miracle of all and many more!

Product Details

  • Title : Miracles
  • Author: Shambach, R. W.
  • Publisher: Destiny Image, Inc.
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • ISBN: 9780768494303