Theology from the Spring: Reflections of the Creator Cast in Nature

Ambassador International, 2018
ISBN: 9781620204764

We live in a world of duality, where the clashing of co-existent beauty and chaos robs humanity of its innate purpose. Perhaps as a coping mechanism, we also live in a world dictated by technological advance that, despite its manifold conveniences, yields unintended consequences such as alienation, detached purpose, and synthetic happiness. What if the way to recover our sense of meaning and ultimate transcendent truth was found organically, in the most pure and ethereal settings of the natural world? Theology from the Spring leads readers through a reformation of nature that rediscovers the beauty of creation, ultimately pointing to the majesty and revelation of its creator.

Theology from the Spring uses beautiful vistas gleaned from freshwater springs and fly fishing motifs that converge with rich theological applications. Fly fishing and freshwater springs are a tonic for the soul, each flowing forth with primal truths. Theology from the Spring takes its readers on a voyage that upon closer examination, awakens us to the living discourses of nature. Through vignettes of fresh water springs and fly fishing analogies, Theology from the Spring provides the reader with something we've lost: eyes for seeing latent, divine truths that make sense of the beauty and chaos we see within the created order.


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