HOW TO STUDY YOUR BIBLE: Rightly Handling the Word of God

Christian Publishing House, 2017
ISBN: 9781945757624

A comprehensive book on HOW TO STUDY YOUR BIBLE by observing, interpreting, and applying, which will focus on the most basic Bible study tools, principles, and processes for moving from an in-depth reading of the Scriptures to application. What, though, if you have long felt that you are not studiously inclined? Realize that the primary difference between a serious Bible student and a less Bible student is usually diligence and effort, not being a gifted student. Being a gifted Bible student alone is not enough.

Efficient methods of Bible study are worth learning, for those seeking to become serious Bible students. The joy missing from many Bible students is because they do not know how to study their Bible, which means they do not do it well. Perhaps you dislike Bible study because you have not developed your study skills sufficiently to make your Bible study enjoyable. Maybe you have neglected your Bible study simply because you would rather be doing something else you enjoy.

HOW TO STUDY YOUR BIBLE will give the reader motivational reasons for deeper Bible study, the process of Bible study, an introduction to the most popular English translations, how the Bible came down to us, why we have so many different translations and understand the Bible translation differences. Andrews also give the reader why people do not study their Bibles, why you should study the Bible deeper than you do, the process of doing Bible research, the correct method of Bible study, and the tools needed for deeper Bible study. Andrews also covers Bible background, identifying the literary context, how to be observant as you study, how to interpret individual words, how to apply God’s Word correctly, and what role the Holy Spirit plays in your Bible study.

Product Details

  • Title : HOW TO STUDY YOUR BIBLE: Rightly Handling the Word of God
  • Author: Andrews, Edward D.
  • Publisher: Christian Publishing House
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • ISBN: 9781945757624


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