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The Child from the Sea

ISBN: 9781619708372

Against the pomp and pageantry of turbulent seventeenthcentury England, Elizabeth Goudge weaves the poignant tale of Lucy Walter, the proud and beautiful secret wife of Charles II. From her early childhood in a castle by the sea in Wales—evoked as only Elizabeth Goudge can evoke the joys and pangs of childhood—to her tragic estrangement from the king and her death in Paris at the age of twentyeight, Lucy Walter lived to the full a life of intense joy and equally intense drama. Miss Goudge portrays brilliantly a young love almost too ecstatic to bear. Equally moving is her characterization of Lucy—a spirited woman caught up in the cataclysmic wars and disruptive revolution of a tumultuous era. London at the time of the Great Fire, Paris when British royalty fled to the sanctuary of the Louvre, Brussels and The Hague—against this rich panoramic background a master storyteller traces the life and loves of an extraordinary woman. The Child from the Sea is a superbly colorful and romantic historical novel alive with brilliant cameos and infused with a spiritual essence rare in our times.

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  • Title : The Child from the Sea
  • Author: Goudge, Elizabeth
  • Publisher: Hendrickson Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2015
  • ISBN: 9781619708372