INTO THE VOID: The Coming Transhuman Transformation

Christian Publishing House, 2016
ISBN: 9780692744475

Today's Technological progress is mankind’s greatest achievement, but may lead to total destruction. Technological progress consumes more than it produces, it pursues its own ends not that of humanity’s and cannot accelerate indefinitely on a planet with finite resources. Jacques Ellul noted "[t]echnique (technology) has its limits. But when it has reached those limits, will anything exist outside them . . . is it (technological acceleration) not succeeding in undermining everything which is outside it?" (Ellul 1964, 85) Once technological limits are reached will anything be left? Transhumanists expect that technological acceleration will culminate by mid-century in an event they call the "Singularity" a technological Omega Point or convergence of human and artificial intelligence that will give rise to a god-like super computer (Artilect) which promises a century of progress in one hour.

Despite apparent immediate gains, technology makes the human plight worse through exhaustion of resources and spiritual slavery. The Singularity will mark the end of technological progress as it reaches completion without redressing the spiritual problem inherent to the human condition. This means that all who step into the Singularity will enter a void, a digital black hole. The solution is as simple as the problem is sublime, step away from the edge of the abyss slowly.

Product Details

  • Title : INTO THE VOID: The Coming Transhuman Transformation
  • Author: Terlizzese, Lawrence J.
  • Publisher: Christian Publishing House
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • ISBN: 9780692744475


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