Eats with Sinners: Loving like Jesus

NavPress, 2017
ISBN: 9781631467837

If you want to follow Jesus on the incredible journey of sharing Him while sharing life with others, it’s time to eat with sinners—people just like you . . . and me.

As long as people have been sharing their faith, there have been critics. Even Jesus dealt with naysayers as He spread His gospel: “This man welcomes sinners and eats with them” (Luke 15:2, NIV). Sometimes we worry about our reputation when we spend time with non-Christians. But more than that, we worry about the time we spend with non-Christians: Will we understand each other? Will I offend them? Will they offend me? How long will it take before this relationship falls apart?

Every meal Jesus ate, He ate with sinners. And over food and drink, through stories and insights and observations and conversations, people let their guards down, and sinners came to know the love of God and the hope of salvation. Now revised and updated, Eats with Sinners helps you to let your guard down so the love of God can get out across the table to your non-Christian friends.

Note: This book was originally published by Standard Publishing in November 2009 (ISBN 0784723184). The NavPress version does not include recipes!

Praise for Eats with Sinners

If your heart beats passionately for people who have wandered far from God, you need to read this book today! In Eats with Sinners, Arron Chambers reminds us of the power of love in reaching people for Jesus. He reminds us that love is always the best context through which to share the truth. And he reminds us that there are no lost causes.

I love that each chapter of this book focuses on a character trait that Christians should cultivate. God always wants to do work in us before he works through us. Let this book help mold your heart as the Spirit changes you—and then he may just use you to change the lives of the people around you.

It’s so easy to forget that the people who live on our streets, who we see on the news, who believe differently than we do, whose lifestyles may make us uncomfortable, all bear the holy image of God and carry the same fears, the same loneliness, the same ultimate longings that Christians do. Eats with Sinners is a gentle call to emulate a God who, when we were still far off, met us in Christ and brought us home.

Arron Chambers’s passion and heart for people come through powerfully in Eats with Sinners. This is a fantastic resource for all of us to be reminded and challenged by the way of Jesus. Arron points to how we can engage people with the purpose of Jesus in practical and inspiring ways.

Jesus was called a friend of sinners. We are supposed to be friends with sinners. In fact, if you’re not close to people who are far from God, you may not be as close to God as you think you are, because God’s heart is always with those who are far from him. In Eats with Sinners, Arron Chambers will inspire you to get closer to some people who are far from God and love them as Jesus did.

Thanks for your book. Thanks for your heart. My wife mentioned the other day on the way home from church, “How can one book make such an impact on our whole church?”

Our series on Eats with Sinners is going great. People are being baptized, joining the church, and reaching the lost. Exciting times! I cannot truly express the impact Arron’s book is having on our church. It is changing hearts and changing lives.

Product Details

  • Title : Eats with Sinners: Loving like Jesus
  • Author: Chambers, Arron
  • Publisher: The Navigators
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • ISBN: 9781631467837


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