My Heart’s Cry & Heaven: My Father’s House

Thomas Nelson, 2009
ISBN: 9781418551322

My Hearts Cry & Heaven: My Fathers House, two inspiring books in one volume by Anne Graham Lotz.

My Heart's Cry: Like the disciples of old, gifted Bible teacher Anne Graham Lotz reveals her own passionate pursuit for more of Jesus. Slipping into the Upper Room through the pages of John's Gospel, she gently draws you into the very private interaction between Jesus and His disciples, which took place there on the night of His betrayal. With poignant vulnerability, Anne uses reflections from what she herself has learned to share how saturating your life with more of Jesus can lead you int a life of unparalleled privilege. Doors open, fears fade, angels attend, doubts disappear, mountains move. And the God of the universe bends down to hear what you have to say. . . and draws you close to Himself!

Heaven: My Father's House: In these troubled times, knowing where you are going to spend eternity can take away the uncertainty of getting there. . . Combining the apostle John's glorious description of Heaven from Revelation with heart-touching reflections on her own father's charming mountain home, Anne Graham Lotz weaves a tapestry of truth that will take away your fear of death and fill you with hope for the future. Jesus promised us, "In my Father's house are many rooms. . . I am going there to prepare a place for you." Heaven is in the home of your dreams, a home of lasting value that you are invited to claim as your own—the Father has left the light on for you!