Iowa Trivia

Thomas Nelson, 1996
ISBN: 9781418571634
Reg: $0.99

What is Iowa's only town on an island? What legendary film star was born in Winterset in 1907? What popular ice cream treat was invented in the town of Onawa in 1920? (Sabula; John Wayne; Eskimo Pie) Iowa is a state known for its farms and corn production. But there is much more to discover about the Hawkeye State, which celebrates its 155th anniversary in 2001.

The questions and answers in Iowa Trivia range from the fairly obvious to the slighty more difficult to the totally obscure. They are divided into six fun categories that enable the book to be used with trivia board games: geography, entertainment, history, art/literature, sports/leisure, and science/nature. Iowa Trivia is a great gift for people who think they know it all about Iowa-or anyone who would like to.