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MacArthur Pastor’s Library on Pastoral Ministry

ISBN: 9781418591243
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Where is ministry in America headed today? Dr. John MacArthur says, "I am concerned over a growing trend to produce strong natural leaders who know how to manage a business or enterprise but do not understand the church from Christ's perspective. Their leadership style and substance is earthly, not biblical or spiritual."

Our Lord's favorite metaphor for spiritual leadership, the one He used most often to describe Himself, is that of the humble and hardworking shepherd. This book shows that biblically authentic ministry includes prayer, holiness, worship, discipleship, servant-hood, and compassion—and that all ministry must be based on biblical mandates, not worldly ambition.

Encouraging, insightful, and challenging, Pastoral Ministry is designed for a new generation of shepherds who seek to lead with the passion of the apostles. This guide outlines the biblical priorities essential to effective ministry.

  • Biblical Perspectives
  • Preparatory Perspectives
  • Personal Perspectives
  • Pastoral Perspectives
  • Richard L. Mayhue
  • James F. Stitzinger
  • Alex D. Montoya
  • James M. George
  • Irvin A. Busenitz
  • James E. Rosscup
  • Donald G. McDougall
  • Robert L. Thomas
  • David C. Deuel
  • George J. Zemek
  • S. Lance Quinn
  • Title: MacArthur Pastor’s Library on Pastoral Ministry
  • Author: John F. MacArthur
  • Series: The John MacArthur Pastor’s Library
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Print Publication Date: 2005
  • Logos Release Date: 2008
  • Pages: 412
  • Language: English
  • Resources: 1
  • Format: Digital › Logos Research Edition
  • Subjects: Clergy › Office; Pastoral theory
  • ISBNs: 9781418591243, 9781418500061
  • Resource Type: Monograph
  • Metadata Last Updated: 2022-02-12T08:36:10Z

Dr. John MacArthur is an internationally known Christian leader. He is the pastor-teacher of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley, CA. Following in the steps of his father, Dr. Jack MacArthur, John represents five successful generations of pastors in his family. Dr. MacArther is also President of The Master's College and Seminary and is heard daily on "Grace to You," a nationally syndicated radio broadcast. He has written and edited many books, including the Gold Medallion Award-winning The MacArthur Study Bible. His most recent work is The MacArthur Scripture Memory System (Thomas Nelson) which helps people experience and remember fifty-two of the Bible's most beloved passages.


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  1. Patrick



    I am usually a fan of most of MacArthur's writings (this one is a collaboration with other authors as well) but this was the book where I most disagreed with the writings or was left with a lot more questions. First of all, this book is a decent book for those looking to go into ministry. It is not really good enough for a current pastor or someone a bit more mature than college-age. It's a good introduction book and covers the needed points for holding the office of pastor. This book is very underwhelming. For a book with MacArthur's name attached to it I expected a lot more out of it. For example, when on the two chapters on prayer there are claims made to the fact of "pray for God's provision when deciding to undertake a project. Yes, very true. But there is no "and then"! And then, try and do it and see if you fail? How long do you wait for answer? Do you listen for a voice, a feeling, a "coincidental" contact from someone? Pray for God's provision when making a decision. Agreed! But if you're in a church meeting, do you wait? Make a decision that doesn't seem like sin? Bring it up only to come back in a month to see if prayer was answered? Would have loved to have some examples. Another big area that seemed very odd was when MacArthur pretty much states that if you were chosen for ministry God would bless you by ensuring your kids would be saved. A previous chapter talked about making sure you were indeed called to the ministry and not just something you want to do. A logical conclusion is that if you become a preacher and honestly felt God's calling but your kids didn't end up being saved than you were never called and your ministry work was in vain. Again, some claims are made and Scripture is given but these questions that arise naturally from these claims go unattended. I came away from this book thinking that while the parts talked about were good and there wasn't too much in disagreement, some questions weren't covered or answered at all and generalizations were made too easily and quickly. A very disappointing read and now I have a few more questions as a result of a MacArthur book rather than answers. Final Grade - C

  2. Jared Friesen

    Jared Friesen


  3. Jose A sanchez
    Excellent Book for those new in the Pastoral Ministry.

  4. John L. Jefferson
  5. Larry Proffitt
  6. Jacob Hantla

    Jacob Hantla


    Same as Rediscovering Pastoral Ministry. I own that in Logos and it is showing that I don't own this yet. Great book though

  7. Michael Mathis
  8. JoshInRI



    Its challenging to use "Rediscovering" for my Mdiv (Ministerial Duties class) as my professor is using Roman numeral-ed Macarthur Chapter notations but with God's help I will figure it out. I do not want to have to buy another resource here I do not need just to follow along in class.

  9. Drew



    recognize before purchasing that this book is the same as Rediscovering Pastoral Ministry. New Title same book


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