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Kierkegaard: A Single Life

Format: Digital
, 2016
ISBN: 9780310520894

Discover a new understanding of Kierkegaard’s thought and his life, a story filled with romance, betrayal, humor, and riots.

Kierkegaard, like Einstein and Freud, is one of those geniuses whose ideas permeate the culture and shape our world even when relatively few people have read their works. That lack of familiarity with the real Kierkegaard is about to change.

This lucid new biography by scholar Stephen Backhouse presents the genius as well as the acutely sensitive man behind the brilliant books. Scholarly and accessible, Kierkegaard: A Single Life introduces his many guises—the thinker, the lover, the recluse, the writer, the controversialist—in prose so compelling it reads like a novel.

One chapter examines Kierkegaard’s influence on our greatest cultural icons—Kafka, Barth, Bonhoeffer, Camus, and Martin Luther King Jr., to name only a few. A useful appendix presents an overview of each of Kierkegaard’s works, for the scholar and lay reader alike.

I. A Controversial Life: The funeral and its aftermath II. Early Life: Birth, childhood and school III. Family Life: Sisters, Brothers, Mother and Father IV. Married Life: The courtship, engagement and abandonment of Regine Olsen V. Writing Life: Publishers, readers and pseudonyms VI. A Life Mocked: The Corsair and the campaign of public ridicule VII. An Offensive Life: The attack upon Christendom VIII. A Life Concluded: The death of Søren Kierkegaard IX. A Life Continued: How Kierkegaard spread to the rest of the world: charlatans, farmers, Nazis, Panthers and Inklings Glossary of Names

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  • Title : Kierkegaard: A Single Life
  • Author: Backhouse, Stephen
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • ISBN: 9780310520894