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What I Wish I’d Known: Insight from Leading Women in Ministry

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Last summer, Faithlife brought together some of the most influential women in ministry for a summit in Dallas, Texas. It was a blessed time of sharing testimonies, connecting with other ministry leaders, and learning from one another.

While we couldn’t reach every single woman in ministry for the summit, we came up with an idea of how to do just that. Ladies like Kay Arthur, June Hunt, and Liz Curtis Higgs graciously donated their time to put together What I Wish I’d Known—and you can get it for free!

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Top Highlights

“‘Stay on the train. God will get you where he wants you when he wants you there.’” (source)

“And although you didn’t ask, let me say that I believe the greatest single cause of the weakness of Christians today (and their ineffectiveness in this culture) is because they read the writings of others and won’t make the time to study the Word of God for themselves. God has given us 66 books in the Bible. How many of them do you think he wants us to know?” (source)

“Whenever you decide ‘to do something for God’ ask yourself why. Does it have to be your ministry?” (source)

“If God calls us, he sees the faith and maturity required for leadership. And he will equip us for the work he has in mind.” (source)

“Remember that the work we’re called to do is always presented in the context of Jesus’ prior work on our behalf.” (source)


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Digital list price: $14.99
Save $14.99 (100%)