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The Fifth Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…You


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“There are five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…and the Christian. But most people never read the first four.”

There are any number of books on how to do evangelism. This book is different—it’s an invitation to actually live out the message of the gospel. Jesus’s original intention was for ordinary people like you and me to live lives that point others to the only Person who can give them hope for this life as well as the next—to visibly display the Good News of salvation through the Messiah and Redeemer of humankind.

But many Christ followers today are either ridden with guilt for not telling others about Jesus or so silent that no one really knows they’re a Christian. The Fifth Gospel will help you wrestle with the critical issues involved in living out your faith in front of a watching and sometimes not-so-friendly world.

Isn’t it time to become a witness for the One you profess to love? Prepare yourself to represent your Savior well and to discover a new way to do evangelism. Get ready for God to unleash the gospel through you!

Top Highlights

“Jesus’ words, ‘Those who are well have no need of a physician, but those who are sick.’1 We often forget that Christianity is not a philosophy to be argued but a Person to be known.” (source)

“When the Christian lives like his Christ, he moves beyond the mere Gospel in print and begins to demonstrate the Gospel in action. In person.” (source)

“Rodney (Gypsy) Smith, a nineteenth-century British evangelist who passionately led evangelistic campaigns to countries such as Australia, South Africa, and the United States. On one occasion he quipped, ‘There are five Gospels: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John, and the Christian, but most people never read the first four.’” (source)

“Back home in the States, I meet many Christians ready to live for Jesus. But how many are ready to lose their hands and feet for their Savior?” (source)

“By living out the Gospel, we gain credibility. By verbalizing the Gospel, we provide clarity” (source)

Product Details

  • Title : The Fifth Gospel: Matthew, Mark, Luke, John…You
  • Author: Conway, Bobby
  • Publisher: Harvest House Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2014
  • ISBN: 9780736958462

Bobby Conway is the founder and host of The One Minute Apologist—a YouTube ministry that provides credible answers to curious questions. He earned his ThM from Dallas Theological Seminary and his DMin in apologetics from Southern Evangelical Seminary, and he is a PhD candidate at the John Hick Centre for Philosophy of Religion at the University of Birmingham in England. He is also the author of several books, including Hell, Rob Bell, and What Happens When People Die, The Fifth Gospel, and Doubting Toward Faith. He and his wife Heather have two kids, Haley and Dawson.


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    Digital list price: $13.99
    Save $4.90 (35%)