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WikiChurch: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering, and Viral

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...and Go Viral!
Jesus told His followers that He would build His church, and then He told them to go and make disciples. It’s that simple. We make disciples, and He builds the church.
But today we often get this exactly backward. We work hard to build our churches with programs and promotions while continuing to neglect the essential practice of discipleship. And we wonder why we struggle. In WikiChurch, Steve Murrell shows you how anyone can make disciples through the simple process of…
·        Engaging culture and community
·        Establishing spiritual foundations
·        Equipping believers to minister
·        Empowering disciples to make disciples
Imagine if every believer, not just leaders, was actively engaged in your ministry. That’s the Book of Acts. That’s a WikiChurch. 

Table of Contents

Foreword by Rice Broocks

Introduction: Same Ole Boring Strokes

Like the successful sports coach, the author teaches believers to become master disciplers who never stray from the basics: engage, establish, equip, empower…same ole boring strokes.

1 The Reluctant Leader

In this chapter, the author tells the story of how he became an accidental missionary in the Philippines. He shares the importance of two important lessons he learned: honor God, and make disciples.

2 One-Armed Judo

Illustrating with the story of a one-armed boy who became a judo master, the author reveals two reasons: he mastered one of the most difficult moves, and the only defense against that move was to grab the opponent’s left arm—which he did not have. He tells how he became committed to mastering one thing: a simple, biblical, transferable discipleship process that is unstoppable and indefensible, even if you are missing your left arm (anything that seems impossible to overcome).

3 Hitting the Wrong Target

This chapter warns against aiming at the wrong targets because you have wrongly defined discipleship. These would at times include doing traditional church activities, running the latest slick programs, and generally doing everything in the name of God except making disciples. The author defines the characteristics of discipleship that works.

4 The Power of Process

The author discusses the principles and process that create a healthy discipleship culture and are much more important than materials, models, or methods. Using his own experience to illustrate, he stresses the importance of leading by example, recognizing that nothing works without commitment and consistency, the need to integrate everything around your primary objective, and leading with clarity and definition.

5 Catchin’ Birds, Fishing for Men, and Astray Evangelism

In this chapter we learn the power of authentic friendship for engaging culture and community. The author cites examples from the ministries of Jesus and Paul and the importance of leaving the ninety-nine to go after the one lost sheep. He ends the chapter with the important question: What will it take to make disciples in your community? Are you willing to go and make disciples, no matter the cost?

6 Good Facade; Bad Foundations

This chapter highlights the pitfall of building on sinking sand. Building the foundation is the first step. It stresses the need to understand that storms are inevitable, there are different starting points, and foundations must be established by obedience to God’s Word.

7 The Myth of Maturity

This chapter reveals three discipleship myths: 1) the myth of mentoring—my pastor’s job is to minister to me; 2) the myth of ministry—I am not yet ready to be used by God; and 3) the myth of maturity—no one should minister until they are mature. He also teaches the three discipleship truths: 1) my pastor’s job is to equip me to minister to others; 2) God is ready to use me now; and 3) don’t wait until you’re mature to minister because no one will mature until they minister.

8 The Man of God Syndrome

This chapter introduces Jesus as the most empowering leader ever. It explains the Man of God Syndrome—the one thing that haunts and hinders much of the church in the Western world. Every Christian leader must answer the question: Am I called to build a ministry or called to make disciples?

9 Leading With the Next Generation

This chapter talks about the risky business of empowering people. It reveals leadership lessons from King Saul—ways not to be an effective leader. It teaches the top five lessons the author has learned in ministering to the next generation: security, respect, humility, unity, and trust.

10. Making Disciples and Discipling Nations

Using examples from recent history, this chapter shows how to overcome our tendency to make disciples but rarely disciple nations. It ends with the words of Jesus: “Go and make disciples of all nations.” It motivates readers to learn the principles in this book, and begin to engage our communities, establish biblical foundations, equip believers to minister, and empower them to make disciples—thus impacting the world for the honor and glory of God.

Afterword: His Last Command; Our First Priority

As we move forward, remember: 1) principles, not models, 2) process, not events, 3) culture, not methods, 4) consistency, not creativity, and 5) relationship, not programs.


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  • Title : WikiChurch: Making Discipleship Engaging, Empowering, and Viral
  • Author: Murrell, Steve
  • Publisher: Charisma House
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • ISBN: 9781616384289

Steve Murrell is the senior pastor of Victory Metro in Manila, Philippines; a director of the Real Life Foundation; and the cofounder and president of Every Nation, a worldwide family of churches and ministries. Victory Metro Manila meets in thirteen different locations and has planted churches in forty other Philippine cities and a dozen nations. Real Life Foundation is a social and educational advocacy organization that exists to serve the poor and improve their lives through educational assistance, character development, and community service. Steve and his wife, Deborah, first went to the Philippines in 1984 with Rice Broocks for a one-month summer mission trip that never ended. They live in Manila and have three sons. Steve is the author of The Reluctant Leader and The Accidental Missionary blogs. He is also a regular contributor to Evangelicals Today, a monthly Philippine publication, and his messages can be heard at the "Every Nation Podcasts" site.



Digital list price: $14.99
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