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Where Are Bible Places Today? Find Out With Then and Now Bible Maps Insert
Where was the Babylonian empire in comparison to today's Iraq? Where was Israel and Judah located when the nation of Israel was divided? The answers to these questions and many others are found in Then and Now Bible Maps Insert. This fascinating eBook contains 20 maps showing biblical sites in relation to modern day cities and countries, time-lines, genealogies, and much more.

Then and Now Bible Maps eBook brings a fresh perspective to traditional Bible accounts. When you see biblical places compared with modern-day cities and countries, you can experience the Bible in a richer way. For example:

  • Daniel was taken as POW to Babylon and lived there the rest of his life. The ruins of Babylon are south of Baghdad, in present day Iraq.
  • The ruins of Nineveh are in Northern Iraq near the Kurdish city of Mosul
  • The wise men were probably from Iran or Saudi Arabia
  • Queen Esther's palace in Susa was about 100 miles northeast of Kuwait City

If you are looking for a Bible map resource to complement your Bible study, this is the tool you need. Then and Now Bible Maps Insert includes over 20 full color maps, including:

  • Middle East: Then - Now
  • Abraham's Journeys
  • Journeys of Jacob and Joseph
  • The Exodus: Then - Now
  • Holy Land - Twelve Tribes: Then - Now
  • Holy Land - United Kingdom and Divided Kingdom: Then - Now
  • The city of Jerusalem
  • New Testament Holy Land: Then - Now
  • Paul's Travels and Missionary Journeys

Then and Now Bible Maps Insert also includes many interesting facts from the Bible, such as:

  • Abraham was born near Basra, Iraq, and walked from there through Syria to reach Israel (the Promised Land)
  • The families of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel)
  • A birds-eye view of the Tabernacle

Then and Now Bible Maps Insert is a fascinating resource that you will refer to again and again as you are studying the Bible.

  • Title : Then and Now Rose Bible Map Insert®
  • Author: Publishing, Rose
  • Publisher: Rose Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2008
  • ISBN: 9781596365575


Save $6.80 (40%)