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Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent

ISBN: 9780849965036
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Each of us is in the middle of a story. In this astoundingly unique book, bestselling author N.D. Wilson reminds us that to truly live we must recognize that we are dying. Cause of death: life.

Death by Living is a poetic exploration of faith, futility, and the incredible joy of this mortal life.

N.D. Wilson recounts stories from his life in poetic prose, giving perspective on the life we're given by God. Death by Living explores the topics of family, grappling with the death of loved ones, and how to live with intention to get the most out of our time on Earth. Wilson encourages us to live hard and die grateful, and to see Christ in every pair of eyes. To write a past we won’t regret.

All of us must pause and breathe. See the past, see life as the fruit of providence and thousands of personal narratives. We did not choose where to set our feet in time, but we choose where to set them next. We stand in the now. God says create. Live. Choose. Shape the past. Etch your life in stone, and what you make will be forever.

In Death by Living, you will:

  • Experience life with renewed wonder
  • Recognize mundane moments as opportunities
  • Learn to live hard and die grateful
  • Recognize death as a gift instead of something to be feared

At once inspiring, humorous, and unbelievably moving, this a book that you will read again and again, finding fresh perspective each time you open it.

Product Details

  • Title : Death by Living: Life Is Meant to Be Spent
  • Author: Wilson, N. D.
  • Publisher: Thomas Nelson
  • Publication Date: 2013
  • ISBN: 9780849965036


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