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Pilgrim's Progress in Today's English


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Retold by James H. Thomas, the best allegory ever written is rewritten in modern English, making it clearer and more forceful to the modern reader (more than 100,000 in print).

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"Now, as they approached, Mr. Greatheart drew his sword to defend the women and children..."

Feel like the only person with struggles in the Christian life?  Wonder if anyone else has traveled the same road?  Millions of Christians have cherished John Bunyan's allegorical tale of the journey Christian and Christiana made to the Celestial City.  Written in the 1600s, this immortal classic is now available in a modern-day, understandable text.

Christian leaves his home in the City of Destruction and begins a long journey to the Celestial City.  His adventure is full of encounters with interesting people such as Faithful, Hopeful, and Ignorance.  Traveling through places such as Vanity Fair and the Valley of the Shadow of Death, he reaches his heavenly home but learns rich lessons during the journey.  The story has immediate application to everyday life.

Later on, Christian's wife, Christiana, decides to join her husband in the Celestial City.  As she travels, Christiana comes upon a different set of people--Greatheart, Mercy, Honesty, and others.  Her story illustrates how Christians follow different paths but with the same destination--eternity with Jesus.


Christian's Journey

  1. Christian in Trouble  / 11
  2. Christian Returns to the Good Way  / 27
  3. Journey Toward the House Beautiful  / 39
  4. In the Valleys of Humility and Death  / 56
  5. Christian and Faithful  / 66
  6. Vanity Fair and the City of Vanity  / 87
  7. Journey to the Delectable Mountains  / 99
  8. At the Delectable Mountains  / 119
  9. In the Low Country of Conceit  / 123
10. The Talk with Ignorance  / 138
11. Near to the City of God  / 149

Christiana's Journey

12. Christiana Follows Christian  / 159
13. At the Interpreter's House  / 170
14. The Guidance of Greatheart  / 179
15. At the Porter's Lodge  / 188
16. With Greatheart on the Way  / 202
17. At the Homes of Gaius and Mnason  / 219
18. Christiana at the Delectable Mountains  / 230
19. On the Enchanted Ground  / 238
20. Beulah Land  / 246

Product Details

  • Title : Pilgrim's Progress in Today's English
  • Authors:
    • Thomas, James
    • Bunyan, John
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2009
  • ISBN: 9781575674964

JAMES THOMAS is the author of Pilgrim¿s Progress in Today¿s English. He is now at home with his Lord.

JOHN BUNYAN (1628-1688) was a Puritan preacher and writer in England. Bunyan had very little schooling. He followed his father in the tinker's trade, and served in the parliamentary army from 1644 to 1647. In 1655, Bunyan became a deacon and began preaching. He experienced marked success from the start and was the pastor of the Bedford church.

Bunyan is the author of The Pilgrim's Progress which he wrote in 1676 while imprisoned for preaching without a license. His numerous other titles include Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners and Holy War.


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    Digital list price: $7.99
    Save $2.00 (25%)