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People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Funds

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Too often, the desire to accomplish ministry is squashed under the fear and perceived burden of raising the necessary funds.  Break through that perception into a reality where you reach out and effectively develop relationships that quickly allow you to reach your personal or organizational funding and prayer support goals. With this new and expanded version of People Raising as your guide, it is possible!

Veteran ministry leader, William Dillon, takes you through the basics of developing a philosophy and correct attitude toward fundraising, right through the necessary practical skills and techniques to do it confidently. This tried and proven manual has been updated to include new sections on social media, coaching, mastering six critical support raising skills, and confronting the “Fear Factor”.

It's a highly practical guide that provides the well-honed tools you need to finance the ministry to which God has called you. So if you are looking for a strategic action plan that will reduce the time involved to raise funds and will leave you feeling hopeful and confident, People Raising is for you!

From the Back Cover

If you are eager to do the Lord’s work but less than eager about fundraising, this book is for you! Veteran ministry leader Bill Dillon will take you through the basics of cultivating a correct attitude toward fundraising and will enable you to do it confidently. People Raising is a tested and proven manual that should be on the shelf of every church planter, nonprofit leader, or budding missionary who seeks some long-adhered-to advice on how to build a broad support base for their ministry.

Updated to include sections on utilizing social media and confronting the “Fear Factor,” Dillon provides comprehensive strategies that will aid your organization or ministry. His methods have helped thousands streamline the fundraising process, and can benefit you, too – ultimately allowing you more time to pursue your calling.

William P. Dillon serves as founder and president of People Raising, which focuses on providing fundraising training for missionaries, church planters, and Christian organizations.  He is also the founder and executive director of Inner City Impact in Chicago. Bill's family has served Chicago's inner city since 1918, and Bill himself is a third generation inner city minister. In 2005, he was honored by Moody Bible Institute as Alumnus of the Year. He and his wife reside in the suburbs of Chicago.


How to Use This Book

Cultivating a Positive Attitude toward Fundraising

 1. The Benefits of Raising Funds

 2. The Biblical Basis for Raising Funds

 3. Yes, It Is Okay to Ask for Funds

 4. Confronting the Fear Factor

 5. It’s Really Not About You

 6. The Number-One Enemy of Fundraising

Cultivating the Necessary Skills for Raising Funds

 7. Develop a Fundraising Strategy

 8. Step 1 Begin with Your Home Church 

 9. Step 2 Determine to Whom You Will Go for Funds  

10. Step 3 Record, Catalogue, and Prioritize Your Prospects

11. Step 4 Get the Word Out

12. Step 5 Make Appointments

13. Step 6 Conduct the Visit

14. Step 7 Track Funds

15. Step 8 Say “Thank You”

16. Step 9 Conduct a Phone Appointment

17. Step 10 Expand Your Contacts

18. Step 11 Cultivate Your Donors

19. Step 12 Resolicit Funds

Implementing Your Fundraising Plan

20. Mastering the Six Critical Skills

21. A Donor’s Perspective on Fundraising

22. Coaching Can Make the Difference

23. The Role of Prayer in Fundraising

24. God Is Faithful



About the Author

Fundraising Resources

“Bill has provided a thorough, well balanced presentation of fundraising practices based on a sound understanding of development as ministry.  This book will be an excellent resource for anyone who is skeptical about the biblical basis for raising kingdom resources or reluctant to plan and execute a fund development program whether for their own support or on behalf of their organization.  This is a significant contribution to the work of the kingdom.”  

R. Scott Rodin, Author and Speaker

Product Details

  • Title : People Raising: A Practical Guide to Raising Funds
  • Author: Dillon, William P.
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2012
  • ISBN: 9780802483003
BILL DILLON serves as founder and President of People Raising which focuses on providing fundraising training for missionaries, church planters and Christian organizations. He also is the founder and Executive Director of Inner City Impact in Chicago. Bill's family has served Chicago's Inner City since 1918 and he is third generation inner city minister. In 2005 he was honored by Moody Bible Institute as Alumnus of the Year. He is married, has three grown children and seven grandchildren. He resides in Des Plaines, Illinois.


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    Digital list price: $13.49
    Save $4.72 (35%)