Products>Seeing God as a Perfect Father: and Seeing You as Loved, Pursued, and Secure

Seeing God as a Perfect Father: and Seeing You as Loved, Pursued, and Secure

ISBN: 9781400335305


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You are chosen, loved, prized, wanted, and believed in by a perfect Father. In Seeing God as a Perfect Father, Louie Giglio invites us to experience God in a life-changing way: as a perfect Father who wants you to live under the waterfall of His blessing.

How you view God informs everything about who you are and who you're becoming. In this updated and retitled edition of the national bestseller Not Forsaken, Louie Giglio challenges our common perceptions of who God is and points us to know Him as a heavenly Father who is not absent or ambivalent but is available and ready to embrace us with His approval and blessing.

Seeing God as a Perfect Father invites you to:

  • see that God is the perfection of your earthly father, not a reflection of him
  • discover how to walk in the freedom of your identity as a loved child, uniquely created by God
  • break the chains of generational patterns by forgiving your imperfect family


When we take hold of the truth that God has spanned heaven and earth to reach us, we will no longer be defined by our pasts but by the love of a perfect heavenly Father. When we rightly see God's character, we rightly see that we are loved, pursued, and secured by the Creator of the universe.


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