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Generous Living: Finding Contentment Through Giving

, 2010
ISBN: 9780310877301
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What do generous people know that makes them give gladly and liberally of their time, talents, wealth, and other resources? Why should you become such a person—and how can you? Financial advisor Ron Blue explains why an openhanded spirit is the key to freedom, contentment, and joy. In Generous Living, he shows what happens when you become a giver, and helps you start right where you are cultivating a generous lifestyle. Pointing you beyond guilt-induced giving, Blue shows you the true, Bible-based way to give effectively, joyfully, and wisely. You’ll gain important insights into making a will, setting up a trust and foundation, and teaching your children to give. But better still, you’ll find out - why to give - how you can give - where it is best to give - when and how often to give

part one: Living and Giving with Joy
1. Generosity: The Secret to True Contentment
2. Treasure Hunting: Where is Your Heart?
3. Why Christians Don’t Give: Seven Things that Hold Us Back
4. Generosity as a Lifestyle: Giving Time, Talents, and Possessions
part two: The Process of Giving
5. Preparation: Hearing God’s Word
6. Problem Solving: Getting a Fix on Your Finances
7. The Right Perspective: Seeing Things As God Sees Them
8. The Plan: How Generous Do You Want to Be?
part three: Practical Applications for a Generous Life
9. Strategic Giving: Making Your Charitable Contributions Count
10. Giving to Your Children: Passing Down More than Money
11. Giving Through Your Will: Six Critical Decisions You Need to Make
12. A Formal Talk: Holding a Family Conference
13. Opportunity Knocks: Solving the Wealth Paradox

Product Details

  • Title : Generous Living: Finding Contentment Through Giving
  • Authors:
    • Blue, Ron
    • Berndt, Jodie
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • ISBN: 9780310877301


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