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Small Group Qs: 600 Eye-Opening Questions for Deepening Community and Exploring Scripture

, 2010
ISBN: 9780310855033
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Just what small group leaders need to get their youth started in a meaningful discussion. This flexible and adaptable resource for youth workers contains 600 questions including 50 complete Bible studies specifically designed to help groups get acquainted, get deep, get spiritual, get into topics, and get into the Word. Leader’s hints, exercise options, and fun, helpful tips are included.Features include: * 600 ready-to-go small group questions for equipping small group leaders* Perfect for youth workers, camp counselors, Sunday school teachers, student leaders, or volunteers* Leader’s hints, exercise options, fun and helpful tips* Flexible and adaptable--ideal for both junior high and high school groups

This Is a Dangerous Book!...8
Getting Acquainted, Getting Deeper, Getting Spiritual
150 Questions....11
Getting Acquainted
50 Get-to-Know You Questions for New or Short-Term Small Groups...12
Getting Deeper
50 Questions That Inspire Intimacy---
and Take Your Group to the Next Level...20
Getting Spiritual
50 Questions That Get into the Subject of God...28
Getting into Topics
150 Questions (25 per topic)...37
Family Relationships...46
Love, Sex, and Dating...50
Missions and Service...54
Tough Topics...58
Getting into the Word
30 Ready-to-Go Bible studies
(10 questions per study) with Topical Focuses...63
4 Friends Carrying Your Friends to Jesus (Mark 2)...64
John the Baptist He Must Increase (Matthew 3)...66
Mary and Martha Getting Your Priorities Straight (Luke 10)...68
Mary Saying Yes to God (Luke 1)...70
Saul to Paul Changed by Christ (Acts 9)...72
Peter Walking by Faith (Matthew 14)...74
Philip Sharing the Faith (Acts 8:26-40)...76
The Woman at the Well Facing the Truth (John 4)...78
Stephen Courage in Adversity (Acts 6, 7)...80
The Hemorraging Woman Desperately Seeking Healing (Mark 5)...82
The Rich Young Ruler Letting Go (Mark 10)...84
The Widow’s Mite Giving All You Have (Mark 12)...86
The Woman Caught in Adultery The Power of Grace (John 8)...88
Thomas Confronting Your Doubts (John 20)...90
Zacchaeus Responding to God’s Love (Luke 19)...92
Aaron Buckling Under Pressure (Exodus 32)...94
Adam and Eve Truth or Consequences (Genesis 2, 3)...96
Esther Courage to Stand (Esther 2-4)...98
Gideon The Battle Is the Lord’s (Judges 6, 7)...100
Hannah The Power of Prayer (1 Samuel 1, 2)...102
Job and His Wife The Test of Adversity (Job 1-2)...104
Joseph and Potiphar’s Wife Tackling Temptation (Genesis 39)...106
Moses Called to Trust (Exodus 3)...108
Nehemiah Heart for God (Nehemiah 1, 2)...110
Noah Fool for God (Genesis 6-9)...112
Ruth and Naomi Keeping Commitments (Ruth 1)...114
Samson and Delilah Love Gone Bad (Judges 16)...116
Samuel and David Inside Choice (1 Samuel 16)...118
Solomon The Emptiness of Things (Ecclesiastes)...120
Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego Allegiance to God (Daniel 3)...122

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  • Title : Small Group Qs: 600 Eye-Opening Questions for Deepening Community and Exploring Scripture
  • Author: Polich, Laurie
  • Publisher: Zondervan
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • ISBN: 9780310855033


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