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21 Days to Childlike Prayer: Changing Your World One Specific Prayer at a Time

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21 Days to Childlike Prayer makes you want to pray.”
—Donald S. Whitney, author of Praying the Bible

Childlike Prayer Is Life-Changing Prayer

God doesn’t need great prayers to do great things. When you speak to Him in simple, trusting faith, you find yourself in a new story where anything is possible, where you always get what’s best, and where your problems become opportunities for a greater experience of Jesus.

In 21 Days to Childlike Prayer, you’ll witness how God responds in power and love to your specific prayers. As you dive into what the Bible says about communing with God, you will…

  • identify what prayer is, how it can change you, and what major prayer pathways are laid out in Scripture
  • learn easy-to-remember prayer strategies that help you overcome challenges and pursue goals
  • discover inspiring true examples—both biblical and contemporary—of God’s miraculous answers to his people’s prayers

This concise 3-week devotional journey will show you how to turn your daily worries, frustrations, and dreams into prayers throughout your Christian life. This transformative resource is perfect for individual and group study, empowering you to be intentional—and fruitful—in your time with God.

“With so many books on prayer, a new one needs a fresh perspective on the subject to distinguish itself from others. Jed succeeds by helping us see prayer as a child talking to his or her heavenly Father in simple, childlike ways. And like any good book on prayer, 21 Days to Childlike Prayer makes you want to pray.”
—Donald S. Whitney, author of Spiritual Disciplines for the Christian Life and Praying the Bible

“I’m at an advantage as I read 21 Days to Childlike Prayer; I’ve watched the author, year after year, put every word into action. This book is an accessible, simple tool to help transform your prayer life and your heart. You will grow in your prayer life, and you will also grow in your faith, love, and trust of your heavenly Father, who bids you come to Him as His child.”
—Trillia Newbell, author of Sacred Endurance, Fear and Faith, and Creative God, Colorful Us

“This is not a book telling you how badly you should feel for how little you pray. It’s also not a book telling you how to become an expert in prayer. To the contrary, Jed shows us practically how we can overcome our hesitancies and approach our Father not as fearful applicants but as beloved children.”
—Russell Moore, Christianity Today

“I rarely see a pastor passionate about prayer. But that’s what you get in Jed. He is on the front lines of life and has learned how to weave prayer into the fabric of his life. What makes this book so helpful is he gives specific and concrete steps for putting into practice the deep structures of a praying life. This book will get you moving closer to your heavenly Father!”
—Paul E. Miller, author of A Praying Life

“This book is simple, practical, and most of all, doable! If you want to learn how to pray to a gracious and loving heavenly Father, this can help you get started.”
—Daniel L. Akin, president, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC

“I had the privilege of calling Jed my pastor when we lived in Tennessee. His sermons were special and every Sunday, my husband or I would say, ‘That is a man who prays.’ You could see it in his preaching, in his family, and in the way he lives. 21 Days to Childlike Prayer is excellent—clear, humble, and helpful, from a man who preaches what he practices.”
—Scarlet Hiltibidal,

“This is a poignant, purposeful, and practical book on approaching prayer with a childlike perspective. Prayer is often the most neglected discipline, and this is a refreshing reminder to embrace God with our B-E-S-T. If you need a boost to your prayer life, this book is a helpful guide that will prompt you to come to our ‘heavenly Dad’ with expectancy and anticipation!”
—Matt Carter, lead pastor, Sagemont Church, Houston, TX

“There are books on prayer that teach you to pray, but there are very few that compel you to pray; this work accomplishes both. With relevant illustrations, substantive and practical instruction, and a call to devotion in prayer, one leaves from this book with more than a short stint of 21 days of prayer; they are entered into a lifetime of prayer. It is one of the most encouraging books on prayer that I’ve read.”
—Lemanuel R. Williams, deputy director, Peacemakers

Jed Coppenger is the lead pastor of Redemption City Church in Franklin, Tennessee. He earned his PhD in systematic theology from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary and lives in Franklin with his wife, Melanie, and their three children.


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    Digital list price: $13.99
    Save $4.90 (35%)