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Four Views of the End Times: Christian Views on Jesus' Second Coming


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Four Views of the End Times is a booklet that gives a basic explanation of biblical end-times prophecy, from four different Christian views.

For nearly 2000 years, people have wondered about the timeline of the end times and the Second Coming of Christ. Even back in Jesus' day, the disciples asked for the signs of Jesus' return. Today people who care about Bible prophecy want to know if Jesus will return physically and reign on earth for 1,000 years, and when it will happen.

The Four Views of the End Times booklet includes comparison charts of 4 timelines of the end times, and an explanation and Bible references for each. It can be read in 30 minutes or less and is helpful for Bible studies, Sunday school lessons, and Christian school curriculum. This end-times timeline booklet has 14 pages, fits inside most Bibles, 8.5 x 5.5 inches, unfolds to 38 inches long

End-Times Bible Prophecy Explained

The major Christian millennial views on the end times are compared in this Four Views of the End Times pamphlet. This brief summary of end-times prophecies and the Book of Revelation can be read in 30 minutes or less.

Introduction to Bible Prophecy about the End Times

  • List of the Signs of the End Times
  • Jesus' and Paul' Teachings on the End Times
  • What all Christians Agree On: Jesus is Coming Again, and We Should All Be Ready
  • 4 End-Times Prophecy Timelines
  • Definitions of End Times Phrases: Church age, Millennium, Rapture, Great Tribulation, Preterism, and more.
  • Glossary of terms in the Book of Revelation: 666, "The Beast," Antichrist, Armageddon, mark of the best, and more.

Each End-Times Prophecy Viewpoint Includes

  • Definition of the View In 400 Words or Less
    • Dispensational Premillennialism - also called Premil Dispensationalism
    • Historical Premillennialism - also called Historical Premil
    • Amillennialism - also called Amil
    • Postmillennialism - also called Postmil
  • An End-Times Timeline graphic
  • What is the Main Focus or Emphasis of this View?
  • How is the Modern State of Israel viewed?
  • Which Scriptures Seem to Support this View?
  • When Was This View Introduced? How long has it been popular?
  • Who has supported this view? Which Christian leaders hold this eschatological view?

Comparison of 4 Eschatology Timelines

Definition of Eschatology - The part of theology that focuses on the "last things": the final events in the history of the world. Each timeline shows (where applicable): Church Age, Tribulation, Millennium, Second Coming of Jesus Christ, Final Judgment, Eternity

  1. Historical Premillennialism - Historical Premil
  2. Amillennialism - Amil
  3. Postmillennialism - Postmil
  4. Dispensational Premillennialism - Premil Dispensationalism showing 3 possible Rapture scenarios: Pre-tribulation, Mid-Tribulation, or Post-Tribulation

For a more detailed explanation of the 4 Christian views of end-times prophecy and the Book of Revelation, see the 364-page full color book The Rose Guide to End Time Prophecy. The Rose Guide to End-Times Prophecy goes into more depth on the 70 Weeks in the Book of Daniel, the Olivet Discourse, and various ways to interpret the Book of Revelation.

For a DVD Bible Study on the 4 Christian views of end-times prophecy, click to see the 6-part video curriculum Four Views of the End Times DVD Bible Study.

Look Inside: Sample Pages of Four Views of the End Times

About the Author: Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Dr. Timothy Paul Jones

Timothy Paul Jones serves as a professor of Christian ministry and as associate vice president at the Southern Baptist Theological seminary, where he teaches courses in applied apologetics and family ministry. 

Before teaching at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, he led churches in Missouri and Oklahoma as pastor and associate pastor. Dr. Jones has authored or contributed to more than a dozen books, including PROOF; Conspiracies and the Cross; and, Christian History Made Easy. In 2007, Charles Colson listed him as one of “four names you need to know” when responding to the new atheists and in 2010, Christian Retailing magazine selected Christian History Made Easy as the book of the year in the field of Christian education.

He is married to Rayann and they have three daughters. The Jones family works in SojournKids and community group ministry at Sojourn Community Church.

Product Details

  • Title : Four Views Of The End Times
  • Author: Jones, Timothy Paul
  • Publisher: Rose Publishing
  • Publication Date: 2011
  • ISBN: 9781596365544


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