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Psalms: Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (2 vols.) (EBTC)

ISBN: 9781683595649

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The Psalms are a carefully arranged collage of history, prophecy, and praise.

James M. Hamilton provides a fresh translation and canonical interpretation of the Psalms. Though commonly read in isolation, the Psalms are best read as a collage that tells a story of God’s faithfulness to his people through his king. Following the introductory Psalms 1–2, Hamilton observes the significance of the Psalter’s intentional macro-structuring and intricate links across neighboring psalms. Hamilton interprets with a literary sensitivity and an eye towards canonical connections. Learn where the Psalms belong in the redemptive story, how they relate to God’s people, and how they find their fulfillment in Jesus.

The print edition of Psalms: Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary is split into two volumes: Psalms 1–72 and Psalms 73–150.

Praise for Psalms

The older I get, the more I treasure the Psalms, and the more eagerly I welcome help in understanding the Psalms more deeply, reverently, and wondrously. That is why I am so thankful that James Hamilton, one of the most significant figures in biblical scholarship in this generation, has produced this new commentary on the Psalms. From the first psalm to the last, Hamilton offers both insight and conviction. This commentary belongs on the desk of every preacher and in the library of every Christian.

—R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

The entire Psalter has been worked into this commentator’s heart and mind in a way that every commentary should do but few accomplish so transparently. The blend of literary care, canonical integration, exegetical insight at the level of the original language, Christ-connecting instinct, and reverent gravitas makes this a really wonderful and landmark work. Though long, words are not wasted. I will return to this work every time I preach, teach, and write on a psalm.

—Dane Ortlund, pastor, Naperville Presbyterian Church

Jim Hamilton has given us a commentary on the entire Book of Psalms—no small feat! The clear and straightforward exposition of each psalm is helpful for both non-specialist as well as scholar. Helpful outlines present the literary structure—so important to grasp the details. Significantly, this commentary interprets Psalms as a single book with its own storyline and also shows how it fits into the storyline of Scripture as a whole. This will certainly be a helpful resource for the Church of Jesus Christ.

—Peter J. Gentry, Distinguished Visiting Professor of Old Testament, Phoenix Seminary

Top Highlights

“When Ps 1 is read together with Ps 2, the synergy between these two pieces of poetry suggests that the true blessed man who meditates day and night on the Torah (Ps 1:1–2) will be the king that the Lord has installed on Zion, his holy hill (Ps 2:6). This does not necessarily limit the application of the psalm to the future king, for the congregation of the righteous (1:5–6) cannot be so designated unless they too follow the ways of the blessed man. Like him they are blessed (1:1; 2:12), as they take refuge in the king messiah (2:12b). The wind-driven chaff wicked ones (1:4) are the raging nations and kings plotting vanity against the Lord’s anointed (2:1–3), and they are summoned to learn wisdom and submit to the son (2:10–13).” (Volume 1, Pages 89–90)

“To be clear, in agreement with many past and present, I am suggesting that the whole book of Psalms has been purposefully arranged so that the individual Psalms join together to tell a wider story in the way a collage of photographs can be arranged to portray a narrative development.92 The simplest hypothesis is that the narrative message of the Psalter was David’s own idea, and that he began the work of arranging the individual psalms. Later psalmists, having understood what David was doing, added to the project in ways that exposited, developed, enriched, and completed what he began.” (Volume 1, Page 50)

“This presupposition can be spelled out as follows: David recognized the way that his own experience constituted a new installment in the pattern of the righteous sufferer, and on the basis of the promises stemming from Gen 3:15 and growing into 2 Sam 7, he expected the pattern of the righteous sufferer to be fulfilled in the life of the king God had promised to raise up from his line.” (Volume 1, Page 86)

Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary series

The Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (EBTC) series locates each biblical book within redemptive history and illuminates its unique theological contributions. All EBTC volumes feature informed exegetical treatment of the biblical book and thorough discussion of its most important theological themes in relation to the canon—all in a style that is useful and accessible to students of Scripture and preachers of the word.

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  • Title: Psalms: Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (2 vols.) (EBTC)
  • Author: James M. Hamilton
  • Series: Evangelical Biblical Theology Commentary (EBTC)
  • Publisher: Lexham Press
  • Publication Date: 2021
  • Volumes: 2
  • Format: Logos Digital, Hardcover
  • Trim Size: 5.5x8.5
  • ISBN: 9781683595649

James M. Hamilton (PhD, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary) is professor of biblical theology at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and preaching pastor at Kenwood Baptist Church. He is the author of God’s Glory in Salvation through Judgment, With the Clouds of Heaven (New Studies in Biblical Theology), and What Is Biblical Theology.


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  1. Kelle Craft

    Kelle Craft


  2. Matthew Sandorfi
  3. David Reid

    David Reid


    Absolutely stunning....and that's just the introduction!! This is going to be a true feast. So refreshing to find a true Biblicist.
  4. Winston Wiebe



  6. Marco Nortje

    Marco Nortje


  7. Tom Beetham

    Tom Beetham


    The exposition of the actual Psalms in this volume seem like pure gold, especially if you love the discipline of Biblical Theology as I do. So very rich. This volume is now my favorite in helping me to preach the Psalms, but I am reading it right now devotionally, and that is rich as well. The emphasis here is clearly on the final form of the canonical text, which in my opinion, is exactly right. The connections he makes between texts in the Psalms and between these Psalms and the Bible elsewhere are so helpful, helping us to see the unity of the Bible in all of it's diversity. The introduction was okay, with some very good points made, but the exposition of the actual Psalms is where this volume is pure gold. Highly recommended! Thank you so much Dr. Hamilton for serving the Church by writing this commentary, which you, very evidently, put great amounts of time and effort into.
  8. Faithlife User
    Haven’t read it yet! But I listened to all Dr. Hamilton’s sermons on The Psalms and they were amazing! Very helpful in understanding how the Psalms interpret one another. Hamilton remains true to scripture but helps show the Psalms are a unified book that point to the coming Christ! Cannot wait to read this book!


Print list price: $84.99
Save $10.00 (11%)