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The Resilient Leader: How Adversity Can Change You and Your Ministry for the Better

ISBN: 9780830781133


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Adversity often comes without warning. Bad news is shocking. Betrayal is heartbreaking. It’s natural for a church leader to feel defensive and want to fight back. But fear and anger make for poor strategies when it comes to resolving conflict and thriving afterward.
Is it possible to rise above the storm and even thrive despite it? Ordained minister and leadership consultant Alfred Ells says yes, it is. Through stories of leaders who have suffered the traumas of betrayal, conflict, and failure, he provides insights, wisdom, and instruction on how to leverage adversity to become a resilient leader skilled at repairing any breach.

Top Highlights

“Author Samuel Chand wrote, ‘Before God promotes us, he takes us through pain to purify our hearts, deepen our dependence on him, and impart spiritual wisdom.’” (source)

“David knew the first rule of resilience: allow your present crisis to refine you, not define you.” (source)

“Paul shows us that resilience is a learning process that always starts with God and then requires us to respond rightly.” (source)

“Many efforts to make change are hindered because the common principles of sound communication, preparation for transition, and team leadership have been ignored.” (source)

“In most conflicts, each party quite easily sees the misbehavior and sin of the other. We tend to create inner narratives that magnify the other person’s weaknesses and minimize our own contribution to the dispute. We can become so focused on the other person that we fail to see our own complicity and we totally miss what God wants us to see about ourselves. The path to God’s favor always requires self-examination and a right heart before God (Ps. 139:23–24).” (source)

“Just like Batman needed an Alfred in his life, every ministry leader needs the wisdom that Alfred Ells offers in The Resilient Leader! When my crisis hit a few years ago, Al Ells knew something about me that I didn’t know; I needed resilience. During that tumultuous season, I was so blessed to know Al personally and ask him for wisdom through the darkest time in thirty years of ministry. Not everyone has that kind of personal access. Reading this book will give you the key ingredients that Al taught me about resilience. Now I’m dreaming again personally and professionally and by God’s grace, I’m growing in my resilience.”
“Several years ago, I had hit a crisis point. All the facets of ministry at a large, fast-growing church had taken a toll on my physical and emotional health. Entering my sabbatical, I wasn’t sure if I would return. At one of my lowest times in ministry, God provided counsel through Al Ells. I am grateful that he captured the content of many of our conversations in this book. I hope they impact you
the way they impacted me.”
“Al Ells is one of the most effective Christian counselors we have ever known. He has helped some of the most high-profile leaders
in America weather the storms of conflict, crisis, and betrayal. In his new book, The Resilient Leader, Al gives guiding principles to help leaders manage crisis in a way that shapes their future success. Every Christian leader needs to read this. It’s a powerful and much-needed book!”
“Al Ells is a great coach and friend to hundreds of leaders across the nation. As with all of his books, The Resilient Leader is written like a practical how-to manual. He addresses the challenges that all of us as leaders deal with at some point in our lives and does so in a way that shines a light on the path to hope. This isn’t a feelgood book; it is a work-hard book that will challenge you to come to grips with habits or lifestyle issues that cause you to settle for far less than God’s desires for your leadership. The Resilient Leader continues Al’s legacy on how to model ministry well!”

Product Details

  • Title : The Resilient Leader: How Adversity Can Change You and Your Ministry for the Better
  • Author: Ells, Alfred
  • Publisher: David C Cook
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • ISBN: 9780830781133
Alfred Ells is a bestselling author, an ordained minister, and the founder/director of Leaders That Last Ministries™. As a master coach, counselor, and leadership consultant, he has helped many pastors, executives, and denominational leaders find and fulfill their destiny in Christ. He has also founded or helped establish many Christ-centered treatment programs for individuals, families, and youth including Samaritan Counseling Services. Al resides in Mesa, Arizona, with his wife Susan.


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    Digital list price: $25.99
    Save $11.70 (45%)