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Soul Care in African American Practice

, 2020
ISBN: 9780830848201
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2021 Christianity Today Award of Merit (Tie) - Spiritual Formation In the midst of our hectic, overscheduled lives, caring for the soul is imperative. Now, more than ever, we need to pause—intentionally—and encounter the Divine. Soul care director Barbara Peacock illustrates a journey of prayer, spiritual direction, and soul care from an African American perspective. She reflects on how these disciplines are woven into the African American culture and lived out in the rich heritage of its faith community. Using examples of ten significant men and women—Frederick Douglass, Martin Luther King Jr., Rosa Parks, Darrell Griffin, Renita Weems, Harold Carter, Jessica Ingram, Coretta Scott King, James Washington, and Howard Thurman—Barbara offers us the opportunity to engage in practices of soul care as we learn from these spiritual leaders. If you've yearned for a more culturally authentic experience of spiritual transformation in your life and community, this book will help you grow in new yet timeless ways. Come to the river to draw deeply for your soul's refreshment.

Preface Introduction: African American Spirituality Part 1: Spiritual Direction and Spiritual Disciplines 1. Dr. Fredrick Douglas: Spiritual Direction and Lectio Divina 2. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr: Spiritual Direction and Prayer 3. Mrs. Rosa Parks: Meditation and Contemplation 4. Dr. Darrell Griffin: Spiritual Direction and Soul Care 5. Dr. Renita Weems: Detachment and Attachment in Spiritual Direction Part 2: Prayer Disciplines 6. Dr. Harold Carter: Prayer and Generational Spiritual Foundation 7. Dr. Jessica Ingram: Prayer and Spiritual Direction 8. Mrs. Coretta Scott King: Prayer and Civil Rights 9. Dr. James Washington: Prayer and Rest 10. Dr. Howard Thurman: Prayer and Suffering Conclusion: Connecting Prayer, Spiritual Direction, and Soul Care Acknowledgments Recommended Reading List Notes About the Author

"Dr. Barbara Peacock has crafted a book that reflects her own passions, principles, and practices as a preeminent person of prayer. Drawing upon the spiritual lives of ten African Americans—historical and contemporary—she unpacks the distinctive soul-shaping dynamics of their shared experience of the triune God in the midst of oppression. However, she doesn't simply write about their experience, she invites her readers to share in it through reflective and contemplative exercises at the end of each chapter. I encourage you to accompany this wise guide in exploring the African American soul . . . and your own."

"As Barbara Peacock writes, through spiritual disciplines we can hear from God as he responds to the humble cry from the intentionally consecrated heart. This is a book about the nourishment of the soul—drinking from his fountain, soaking in his presence—that results in his rest. Barbara has shared her accumulated depth of spiritual maturity that comes from a lifelong and generational journey, even through the dark night of the soul. As she describes the legacy of slavery's Middle Passage for all of us, her words resonate to the national spiritual foundation of prayer, the impact of bended knees on the very breath we breathe, who we are, and who we are becoming. Never have we needed this more."

"Having been blessed by the teaching and intercessory prayer ministry of Dr. Barbara Peacock, I am so excited about Soul Care in African American Practice. As a spiritual director and a scholar, she gives voice and vision to the rich Christian spiritual tradition that has undergirded the sustenance, liberation, and transcendence of African Americans. In so doing, she calls us once again to the fountain of living water that never runs dry."

"Barbara Peacock has lovingly offered a much-needed contribution to the modern spiritual formation movement. Her gentle teaching on soul care topics and suggestions for practicing them, enveloped by the feel and flavor of the African American experience while introducing the reader to some incredible heroes of the faith, combine to create a truly transformational text."

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  • Title : Soul Care in African American Practice
  • Author: Peacock, Barbara L.
  • Publisher: IVP
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • ISBN: 9780830848201


Digital list price: $16.99
Save $6.80 (40%)