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Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther

ISBN: 9780781404273


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Wrenched from a simple life for her beauty, Esther finds herself at the mercy of King Xerxes. Leaving behind her only relative, her cousin Mordecai, and her first true love, Cyrus, she is thrown headlong into the unrestrained extravagance of palace living.

Quick of mind and strong in spirit, Esther refuses to suffer the fate of her harem sisters and boldly challenges Xerxes to give of his heart before taking his pleasure, thus sealing her place beside him as queen. While conspiracy spins its diabolical web, Esther's mind and spirit waver, and she is forced to confront the past in order to save her future–and thus an entire nation.

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  • Title : Chosen: The Lost Diaries of Queen Esther
  • Author: Garrett, Ginger
  • Publisher: David C Cook
  • Publication Date: 2010
  • ISBN: 9780781404273

Focusing on ancient women's history, Ginger Garrett creates novels and nonfiction resources that explore the lives of historical women. In addition to her writing, Garrett is a frequent radio and television guest. Ginger resides in Georgia with her husband and three children.


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    Digital list price: $14.99
    Save $13.00 (86%)