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Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving with Peace and Truth in a Hostile World

, 2018
ISBN: 9781631467752
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Are you tired of the conflict all around you?

It happens over and over again. A political argument with a friend, a fight about racial issues on the internet, a disagreement with a coworker—at the first sign of conflict, we flee to a bunker with people who think like us and attack everyone else. We feel safe there, but it’s killing us: killing families, friendships, civility, and discourse.

Our fractured world desperately needs a different way: people who will speak gently, value truth, and think clearly. Dancing in No Man’s Land is a rallying cry, a life-giving and practical journey into the way of Jesus that will revolutionize how you view conflict. You can choose to speak both truth and peace in the midst of war. You can step out of our bunkers and into no-man’s land, where only brave souls tread. It may look like you’re dodging cultural landmines. But you might just be learning how to dance.

I’ve given my life to building bridges in the name of Jesus. Dancing in No Man’s Land will become a valuable tool for those laboring with me. If you care about reconciliation, truth, and peace, this book is for you. Brian Jennings digs underneath the layers of hostility in our world and shows us how to emerge in the light. Our families, communities, and country will be radically changed when we begin living the principles from this book. I pray the change will begin with you.

I have a friend with great courage. Rather than choosing to battle and scheme from the protection of a fortified bunker, Brian Jennings has elected to venture out and offer peace. Do you long to offer hope to those outside your hunkered-down beliefs? Well, Dancing in No Man’s Land will equip and enable you to leave your bunker and engage with others in peaceful dialogue. There is a land between the bunkers that only a few find. Brian Jennings will show you the way.

In these times, when it seems like we’re surrounded by conversations waiting to go wrong, I’m grateful for Brian’s call back to the way of Jesus. Let’s step forward into our relationships with thoughtfulness and wisdom, understanding that truth and grace work best when offered together.

In his Sermon on the Mount, Jesus calls us to be “peacemakers,” not “peacekeepers.” There’s an important and profound difference between those two. Peacekeepers hunker down in the bunker, prepared to deal with any conflict that may stumble upon them, but peacemakers get out of the bunker, venture into no man’s land, and do the hard work of “making” peace. In this well-written, engaging, and practical book, Brian Jennings doesn’t just provide the motivation to get out of our bunkers and point toward a safe path through no man’s land—he also reveals the steps necessary to ultimately dance in the midst of our journey toward a more peaceful world.

Brian writes with clarity, passion, and simplicity about issues that are critical to anyone who longs to find a faithful way to engage in a divisive culture. His engagement with Scripture as well as culturally significant moments makes this a helpful and challenging read. His pastoral passion is clear and compelling throughout the work—a strong, constructive read!

For anyone wanting discipleship toward truth and peace, Jennings offers a desperately needed guide to recognize the idols of “bunker living” and learn to leave them behind. Of course, entering no man’s land won’t be easy or painless. But, beloved church, please listen to this trustworthy guide. Let’s navigate the complications of this age with Jesus’ own prayer in sight: unity.

Bunkers feel safe and comfortable. In a complex world, living in a bunker seems reasonable. Brian Jennings, however, reveals to us how our bunkers, silos, and self-segregation away from those who think and live differently from us are actually a form of war rather than peacemaking. When we think we’re being protective, we are actually being aggressive in ways that distract from the gospel of Jesus. But more than that, Brian shows us paths to peace and freedom.

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  • Title : Dancing in No Man’s Land: Moving with Peace and Truth in a Hostile World
  • Author: Jennings, Brian
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • ISBN: 9781631467752


Digital list price: $15.99
Save $6.40 (40%)