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All Things New: Joining God's Story of Re-Creation

ISBN: 9780830776528


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God is on a mission to make all things new: from the fashion industry to the business community, from politics to education and from entertainment to media and the arts. God’s burning desire is to bring restoration to every sphere of society.
Starting in Genesis and working through the Scriptures, All Things New will take you on a journey into the very heart of God and His relentless passion to redeem lives, heal the nations, rewire the culture, and bring renewal to all of creation.
As we immerse ourselves in the greatest story ever told we find our ultimate sense of belonging, our purpose in the present and our hope for the future. We become actors in this unfolding drama, pushing forward God’s purposes for the world and joining His mission to make all things new.
‘As a pastor leading a similar church in a similar city, I pay very close attention to Pete Hughes and KXC. Not only do I count Pete a dear friend, but I view him as one of the best emerging thinkers and leaders in the western church. The community that has grown up around them at KXC is simply incredible. Few churches manage to capture the holistic nature of the kingdom with such tenacity and clarity—from spiritual formation of the soul to the transformation of society. Pete’s opening claim that “the story you live in is the story you live out” shows just how key the biblical narrative has been in the architecture of Pete and KXC’s vision of church. I simply can’t recommend this book enough. I want every person in my church to read this.’
‘Pete Hughes has written a beautiful book. He makes the story of Scripture urgent, compelling and desirable for those seeking to do mission in our post-Christian context. Theologically deep, and resonant with the Spirit, this will re-enchant many longing hearts.’
‘Pete Hughes is an extraordinarily gifted church leader. The central London church he started, KXC, has grown to be a significant Christian presence in a very challenging area. I am delighted he has written a book, sharing his experiences and wisdom.’
All Things New is magnificent. Deeply theological, rooted in real life and yet a prophetic call to go both deeper and further. Magnificent.’

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  • Title : All Things New: Joining God's Story of Re-Creation
  • Author: Hughes, Pete
  • Publisher: David C Cook
  • Publication Date: 2020
  • ISBN: 9780830776528

Pete Hughes, along with his wife Bee, leads Kings Cross Church (KXC), a new church in central London reaching people in their 20s and 30s. A regular speaker at festivals and conferences across the UK and beyond, and part of the leadership team of the new Wildfires Conference, Pete is one of the emerging new leaders of the twenty-first-century church.


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  1. Terence Tan

    Terence Tan


    All Things New aims to show that the Christian life does not start at Sin and end at Atonement. Hughes thesis is that Christians have long ignored the wider narrative of Creation and New Creation and our role as agents of renewal. The book is strong on explaining the wider narrative which is outlined in six parts, each with 3-4 chapters, beginning with Eden and ending with Heaven and Hell. However, the book is weak on showing the biblical basis for Christians as agents of renewal. In one brief section it questionably links the Resurrection of Christ to a call for Creativity in disciples. All Things New includes things new to traditional thought, for example Solomon was an oppressive slave master and Jesus was a revolutionary. The limited evidence and much needed discussion on these items is in marked contrast with the space and depth devoted to the chapter on the rethinking of Hell, an argument for Annihilationism. I was hoping Hughes' All Things New would be a shorter book (˜300 pages) that makes the similar Church and Culture arguments found in Keller's Center Church (˜900 pages) or Kuyper's Pro Rege (˜1500 pages). That was not his intent, and I should not expect it to be. Instead of reading it as a big ideas book, it is better to read it as one man's journey through a myriad of ideas set in the grand narrative of Scripture. Some of the ideas will stick, some will not, but the personal stories and testimonies will entertain and encourage.


Digital list price: $17.99
Save $7.20 (40%)