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Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled at the Faith of Unremarkable People

ISBN: 9781455571697


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This collection of inspirational vignettes, based on eight of the Bible's unlikely examples of faith, will give readers a fresh intimacy with Jesus.

Remarkable Faith tells the stories of people whose faith was of such quality that Jesus himself marveled at it-people who were broken, needy, and dependent. These eight inspiring vignettes weave history, theology, and fictional detail into their biblical accounts to bring relief and a new perspective to those whose faith feels unremarkable. Written to encourage and relieve discouraged Christians who wonder if their faith is a disappointment to God, this book will demonstrate that remarkable faith-the kind Jesus marveled about-isn't about achieving or performing. Readers will discover they can exchange their performance-based evaluation of their faith with a fresh, life-giving intimacy with the Jesus who delights in transforming inadequacies into irrepressible affection.

"Her words chosen with exquisite grace, Shauna Letellier does something remarkable--she draws us near to the broken hearts that drew Jesus. Then she does something even more remarkable. She draws us near to the brokenness in our own hearts. The most remarkable thing she does, though, is to draw us near to Jesus, showing how eager he is to bring healing and wholeness--not just to their hearts but to ours."

Ken Gire, author of Moments with the Savior and Windows of the Soul

"Shauna has clothed facts with fascination. She has put flesh and blood and emotion and longing to our mental flannel-graph figures. This is a dangerous book. It calls us to a different kind of faith-not the kind that makes us comfortable, but the faith that made Jesus marvel."—Chris Fabry, author of War Room

"When we're at our wit's end, drained of every ounce of spiritual energy, Remarkable Faith invites us to reach out - just one more time - to our loving Father who delights in saving us. Keep this book handy for those times when it seems all hope is lost...for that is the moment unfailing faith connects us to a never-failing God."—Maisie Sparks, author, Holy Shakespeare! 101 Scriptures That Appear in Shakespeare's Plays, Poems, and Sonnets

"In REMARKABLE FAITH, Shauna Letellier has accomplished no easy feat-she reawakens our sense of surprise with the word of God and welcomes us into a fresh freedom in our faith in Jesus. She is a noteworthy new voice who surely has more books to come, and I'll be waiting for the next!"—p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Times New Roman'}Cindy Lambert, co-author, One Light Still Shines

"Shauna Letellier delves into the stories of Jesus' healings with fresh perspectives and windows of insight. The characters from the gospels meet the Savior, but then turn and address some of our deepest needs and pressing questions. Her conviction of the power of Scripture and faith in the Christ provide hope and encouragement. Intriguing us with sanctified imagination, we find a realistic and true-to-life engagement with those who met Jesus-not only as they invite and inspire us, but also as they challenge us to go deeper in our faith.

I find myself often identifying with the players in these dramas of faith! I feel my own tensions expressed, as in the thoughts of the healed woman "wondering whether she should run to escape with her health, or run to the One who healed." As in "clothing the facts with fascination." As in gaining a fresh impulse to worship, "the irrepressible outworking of a life changed by him." Shauna not only invites us with her words, she prompts us with her wisdom."—Gregory C. Carlson, Ph.D., Chair and Professor of Christian Ministries and Leadership Trinity International University

"Like a tour guide sharing her beloved hometown, Shauna Letellier leads you through the winding back streets of eight of Jesus' miracles. Her delightful blend of storytelling, research, and commentary will make you weep, wonder, and wander ever deeper into the Word. As it explores the unexpected faith of ordinary people, REMARKABLE FAITHawakens a longing for the same relentless pursuit of Jesus-the Strength in your weakness, the Fulfillment of your needs, the one true Lover of your soul."—p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Times New Roman'}Kathi Lipp & Cheri Gregory, co-authors of Overwhelmed: How to Quiet the Chaos and Restore Your Sanity

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  • Title : Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled at the Faith of Unremarkable People
  • Author: Letellier, Shauna
  • Publisher: FaithWords
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • ISBN: 9781455571697

Shauna Letellier is the author of Remarkable Faith: When Jesus Marveled at Faith in Unremarkable People. Her writing has been featured at Girlfriends in God, the Huffington Post, Day Spring's (in)courage, the MOB Society, For Every Mom and MomSense Magazine (now called Hello Dearest), a publication of MOPS International. She attended Focus on the Family's Leadership Institute and is a graduate of Grace University in Omaha, Nebraska.


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