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Mirror for the Soul: A Christian Guide to the Enneagram

Format: Digital
, 2017
ISBN: 9780830890927


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"Who in the world am I?" The Enneagram is like a mirror, reflecting dimensions of ourselves that are sometimes hard to see. In this helpful guide, spiritual director and Enneagram teacher Alice Fryling offers an introduction to each number of the Enneagram and the respective triads into which they're organized. More than just helping us discern our number, Fryling shows how knowing it can lead to transformation by revealing to us both our false and our true selves. She writes: "Knowledge of the Enneagram has led me to the grace of God. I discovered through the Enneagram that I am not just my gifts, I am not just my failures. . . . I am a person created by God, loved by God, and uniquely gifted to love others with God's merciful and gracious love. Through the Enneagram God has taught me that I am not exactly who I think I am. . . . The Enneagram itself does not make me a different person. But knowledge of the Enneagram does help me see who I truly am and offers me words to describe how I would like to be transformed by God's grace." With questions for reflection and personal meditations aimed at leading you into deeper self-awareness, Mirror for the Soul will give you new perspective on yourself and reveal how you can experience God’s love more abundantly.

Introduction: The Puzzle of Ourselves 1. What Is the Enneagram, and Where Did It Come From? 2. The True Self and the False Self 3. The Triads of the Enneagram 4. The Heart Triad: 2, 3, 4 5. The Head Triad: 5, 6, 7 6. The Gut Triad: 8, 9, 1 7. Looking for Your Home Space 8. Understanding Wings and the Arrows 9. Biblical Truths Reflected in the Enneagram 10. Addicted to Ourselves 11. The Enneagram and Transformation 12. Continuing the Journey Epilogue: Answering Alice Acknowledgments Appendix 1: Using the Enneagram in Spiritual Direction Appendix 2: Additional Resources Notes

"For many years, Alice has been a trustworthy guide for those who seek to love God and neighbor. Mirror for the Soul offers practical ways to engage with the Spirit for transformation through the tool of the Enneagram. We can't change what we aren't aware of. Mirror for the Soul can be both eye opening and healing. If you are hungry to grow in loving God and loving your neighbor as yourself, I commend this book to you. Its wisdom can reveal your default settings, hidden agendas, and besetting temptations, as well as the shimmering beauty of your soul. Breathe deep, lean hard; God's love holds."

"This is the Enneagram book I've been looking for. It's written from a depth of experience, a depth in Scripture, and with an eye for the formational possibilities of this ancient wisdom. Fryling serves as a seasoned spiritual director, guiding the reader into the rich growth in spiritual formation that the Enneagram offers."

"I've been waiting for this book! When I began studying the Enneagram ten years ago, Alice Fryling's insights set some key themes of my understanding of this enormously helpful tool in moving toward transformation to Christlikeness. Thank you!"

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  • Title : Mirror for the Soul: A Christian Guide to the Enneagram
  • Author: Fryling, Alice
  • Publisher: InterVarsity Press
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • ISBN: 9780830890927


Save $6.40 (40%)