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Suddenly Single: Rebuilding Your Life after Divorce

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ISBN: 9780830772162


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This compassionate guide through grief, fears, and the challenges of divorce encourages readers to see this painful time as potentially one of the most powerful.

Kathey Batey understands the trauma of going through a divorce. In Suddenly Single, she guides you with compassion and hope in how to
  • Grieve the death of your relationship, expectations, and dreams
  • Develop a network of experts for your legal, financial, spiritual, and emotional needs
  • Navigate parenting decisions
  • Prepare yourself to fulfill your potential as a single, successful person
  • Give yourself structure through boundaries and wise decision-making
Divorce can be one of the most painful times of your life. It can also be one of the most powerful. Though you may feel broken in heart and spirit, you can heal and move forward into a life full of possibility.
Dear Reader
1. My Story Knows Your Story
2. This Season Matters
3. Grieving and Healing
4. Assessing and Accepting
5. Making New Decisions
6. Your Financial Future
7. Going Solo in a Couples’ World
8. Dance with Your Shadow
9. Lessons from the Dating Field
10. Start Your New Life Now
Appendix: Single Verses to Live By
“Having spent thousands of hours mediating divorce cases, I know Kathey Batey’s Suddenly Single can help men and women as they face the process of being single."
“While divorce is a common occurrence in our society, the feelings it evokes are uncommonly intense. Insecurity, rejection, abandonment, anger, sadness, fear, and uncertainty to name a few. Kathey Batey’s Suddenly Single is a welcome read for anyone who fits that description. This encouraging, enlightening book is written with gentle authority from one who’s been there. I highly recommend it for anyone facing this major life transition."
“Kathey Batey is the friend the newly single need so they can work through the pain and create a new life. Kathey has walked her talk. Her book is a wonderful blend of practical advice and powerful questions, exercises, and processes to get your life back on track. I just wish I knew Kathey and had her book when I became suddenly single! It would have saved me a lot of time and tears.”
“Its time is now and its message is relevant and purposeful.”
“Accept Suddenly Single as a wonderful guidebook to help you navigate through the loneliness, anger, hurt, and confusion on your passage to reclaiming your life! Kathey doesn’t shy away from addressing the tough issues singles face. She shares the message that life is not over when you find yourself suddenly single, you’ve begun a new life adventure you hadn’t planned. I can’t wait to put Suddenly Single into the hands of many of my coaching clients who desperately need it!”


Product Details

  • Title : Suddenly Single: Rebuilding Your Life after Divorce
  • Author: Batey, Kathey
  • Publisher: David C Cook
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • ISBN: 9780830772162

Kathey Batey is a corporate trainer, life coach, and domestic mediator specializing in group therapy. She has helped hundreds of individuals find hope and resilience as they go through life transitions. Using her degree in psychology, Batey also leads webinars and workshops. She lives in Grand Rapids, Michigan.



Save $6.80 (40%)