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Fresh Eyes on Jesus' Miracles: Discovering New Insights in Familiar Passages

ISBN: 9781434712141


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What can readers learn about personal transformation from Jesus turning water to wine? How does His feeding of the five thousand refocus their own call to serve?
In Fresh Eyes on Jesus’ Miracles, Pastor Doug Newton finds hidden truths in the gospels’ most familiar stories. From the wedding at Cana to Peter’s miraculous catch, Newton offers cultural context, modern-day insights, and spiritual depth to awaken even the most seasoned reader’s heart and mind. Most importantly, he equips readers to study Scripture with a fresh perspective—and join God’s miraculous work in their most ordinary moments.
About the Fresh Eyes Series.......19
1. Got Wine?
Turning Water into Wine.......29
2. Time Will Tell
Healing the Royal Official’s Son.......43
3. Dayworkers
Peter Healing the Lame Man.......61
4. Fish Sandwiches
Feeding the Five Thousand.......75
5. Dead Pigs
Exorcising the Demoniac.......91
6. Travel Plans
Calming the Storm.......107
7. A Cure for Can’t
Healing the Demon-Possessed Boy......125
8. Faith in Faith
Healing the Woman......141
9. Pull the Pork
Catching a Boatload of Fish......157
10. Why Jesus Wept
Raising Lazarus from the Dead......173
“Jesus spoke of unique teachers who were able to bring ‘new treasures’ out of their storerooms (Matt. 13:52). Doug Newton is an extraordinary author who brings us ‘new treasure’ in this Fresh Eyes series. This series imparts the rare gift of seeing Scripture with fresh eyes, thus igniting fresh fire in our lives for Jesus and His mission. I highly recommend this series for anyone desiring a personal revival and an expanded faith for how greatly God can use their lives. I experienced this for myself as I read Doug’s life- giving words!”
“Doug Newton is a skilled and passionate communicator as well as a trusted, wise guide both from the pulpit and the printed page. His Fresh Eyes series draws from clear thought, engaged storytelling, and a worthy message to help readers marvel anew over God’s love and sustain their faith in the face of today’s challenges.”
“For many who cherish the Bible as God’s Word, a daily experience with the Bible has no greater impact than a weather report, an Op-Ed piece, or a blog post. This is because few believers actually read the Bible much and, when they do, they give it only superficial attention. In the Fresh Eyes series, Doug Newton demonstrates how familiar miracle stories, well- known parables, and often-cited gospel sayings can come alive with power to expose small and limited horizons and expand them to wider and deeper perceptions of kingdom reality then draw you in as Newton teases out life-changing biblical implications.”
“For decades Doug Newton’s clear and crisp teaching has captured the deep and transformative truths of God’s Word. What a treasure to have these rich and wonderful insights through Fresh Eyes. You will be deeply touched and truly challenged by this brilliant master teacher. What a gift!”

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  • Title : Fresh Eyes on Jesus' Miracles: Discovering New Insights in Familiar Passages
  • Author: Newton, Doug
  • Publisher: David C Cook
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • ISBN: 9781434712141

Doug Newton is the cofounder and director of the National Prayer Ministry of the Free Methodist Church-USA. The author of nine books, he served for thirty years as a senior pastor and for fifteen years as editor of Light & Life magazine. Newton and his wife, Margie, live in Greenville, Illinois.


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  1. Richard



    Fresh Eyes on Jesus' Miracles: Discovering New Insights in Familiar Passages, is a work which should not be read as an academic work. This does not mean there are some fresh insights into this work. At almost every chapter I discovered something new. A strength is that the author makes the Biblical text accessible for all. I think this is a book that fits perfectly in the realm of sermons and Bible studies, for a wide range of audience. Probably, this book can also serve for people that want to learn how to make understandable sermons. Which can be a real problem for many people that studied too much.

  2. Jose Aguilar

    Jose Aguilar




Digital list price: $15.99
Save $6.40 (40%)