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RITA Award winner!

“A terrific read from a talented author. Made me hungry more than once. I can’t wait to read what comes next.”
—Francine Rivers, New York Times bestselling author of The Masterpiece

Denver chef Rachel Bishop has accomplished everything she’s dreamed and some things she never dared hope, like winning a James Beard Award and heading up her own fine-dining restaurant. But when a targeted smear campaign causes her to be pushed out of the business by her partners, she vows to do whatever it takes to get her life back . . . even if that means joining forces with the man who inadvertently set the disaster in motion.

Essayist Alex Kanin never imagined his pointed editorial would go viral. Ironically, his attempt to highlight the pitfalls of online criticism has the opposite effect: it revives his own flagging career by destroying that of a perfect stranger. Plagued by guilt-fueled writer’s block, Alex vows to do whatever he can to repair the damage. He just doesn’t expect his interest in the beautiful chef to turn personal.

Alex agrees to help rebuild Rachel’s tarnished image by offering his connections and his home to host an exclusive pop-up dinner party targeted to Denver’s most influential citizens: the Saturday Night Supper Club. As they work together to make the project a success, Rachel begins to realize Alex is not the unfeeling opportunist she once thought he was, and that perhaps there’s life—and love—outside the pressure-cooker of her chosen career. But can she give up her lifelong goals without losing her identity as well?

Readers seeking sweet and funny romance will be delighted with this food-centered series opener from Laureano (London Tides). Rachel Bishop finds purpose in creating a fine dining experience as the head chef and part owner of an upscale Denver restaurant. But her dream job is suddenly ripped away by the unwitting hands of writer Alex Kanin: his New Yorker article about internet trolling that mentions a spurious, negative review of her restaurant goes viral—and business at her restaurant dries up. Alex feels guilty about the fallout, so to combat the negative publicity he joins forces with Rachel to restart her career, creating a unique supper club for Denver’s foodies. A growing connection between Rachel and Alex adds unexpected spice to their partnership, leaving Rachel to discover whether the demise of one dream can lead to another coming true. Through Alex’s Russian Orthodox roots Laureano explores, with a light touch, how different faith traditions can lead people towards the same convictions. Bright, jovial, and peppered with romance and delectable cuisine, this is a sweet and lively love story.

RITA Award–winning author Laureano (London Tides, 2015) will entice readers with more than just romance in this first novel in a new series. The Saturday Night Supper Club follows Denver chef Rachel Bishop as she tries to rebuild her culinary career after a social-media incident gets her fired from her current restaurant. Helping her is writer Alex Kanin, the man who inadvertently caused the online snafu that got Rachel ousted. . . . As she and Alex work together, workaholic Rachel finds that there may be room for love in her life after all—if she would only let it in. Writing charmingly about faith, love, friendship, and food, Laureano will leave readers hungry for the next installment in the Supper Club series.

Chef Rachel Bishop never imagined that her successful career could disintegrate so quickly after an online negative review of her restaurant goes viral, but she is determined to restore her reputation. Alex Kanin’s New Yorker article has given his stalled writing career a boost, but at a cost to Rachel’s restaurant. Guilt-ridden, he offers her a chance to prepare a dinner for an exclusive Denver supper club. As they become better acquainted, the couple realize that they have more than food in common. The latest novel from Laureano (Under Scottish Stars) is a delight for foodies, providing delicious descriptions of dishes and glimpses into the culinary world. The romance develops gradually, allowing readers to experience and savor Rachel and Alex’s deepening connection. VERDICT Romance aficionados and fans of stories about overcoming obstacles and the role of faith in everyday life will eagerly await the next entry in this sweet food-centered series.

Laureano’s latest novel, the first in her Supper Club series, is a delight for foodies! There’s a delectable amount of behind-the-scenes restaurant and cooking detail, as well as some amazing descriptions of food that will literally have readers’ mouths watering for a taste. Rachel and Alex’s relationship has everything needed to incite sighs of happiness, yet it is not without trials and tension. That only serves to make it seem more realistic and believable. Add to the above the gorgeous Denver setting, Rachel’s BFFs and a subtle yet powerful spiritual message and you have The Saturday Night Supper Club.

Starred review. “Bright, jovial, and peppered with romance and delectable cuisine, this is a sweet and lively love story.”

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  • Title : The Saturday Night Supper Club
  • Author: Laureano, Carla
  • Publisher: Tyndale House Publishers, Inc.
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • ISBN: 9781496420275


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    Digital list price: $9.99
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