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Ready or Not: Leaning into Life in Our Twenties

Format: Digital
, 2018
ISBN: 9781631467981


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Discerning a calling is a messy undertaking. You are already involved in many good things now, even as you are being called to many good things in your future. The good life—good work, good relationships, good citizenship, good faith—is to be enjoyed now and pursued on every horizon. We are living out the Kingdom of God even as we seek it.

Ready or Not is a much-needed resource for young people on exploring the complexity of vocation in empowering, not prescriptive, ways. After exploring four foundational questions for emerging adulthood—Who is God? Who am I? How have I been shaped? What are my contexts?—you will work through interactive chapters covering the contours of adulthood, including: spirituality, family, community, and work.

Explore the full depths of your twenties with bravery and vulnerability! With insight into life skills, personal growth, and spirituality, Ready or Not will set you on a faithful trajectory for a good and meaningful life.

I can think of no two people better equipped to help twentysomethings make the most of these volatile years. I wish I had this book when I finished college almost five years ago. Read this book and live your life with worshipful intentionality.

This probing and practical book consolidates the best Christian thinking on life’s purpose and presents it in an engaging way. In the midst of many competing messages about what young adulthood is about, I hope every twentysomething will prayerfully engage this work among friends.

In Ready or Not we are invited into a conversation about the most important things in life . . . hope, purpose, and meaning. Taking serious questions seriously, the book is a remarkable guide for those wanting honest help along the way as vocations are formed and loves become incarnate. Never ivory-tower, Drew Moser and Jess Fankhauser draw on hours and years of life in the world of twentysomethings, offering the wisdom and experience born of their own thoughtful engagement of the challenges facing folks in college and beyond who want to make sense of life, who they are, why they are, and how they are going to live.

Drew and Jess seem to have their fingers on the pulse of this generation and the hope, dreams, and questions that each of us face. If you are in your twenties and find yourself looking for wisdom and insight into your life, read this book.

Ready or Not takes an in-depth look into the hopes, fears, questions, and realities of what it’s like to be a twentysomething in the world today. It offers wisdom for those who want to make these years count. The authors know their audience and have provided a very hopeful tool for this generation.

Moser and Fankhauser, academics who research the lives of college students, build on their professional experience in this readable, relevant book for new adults. They encourage 20-somethings to discover their vocations (expanded here beyond religious overtones to mean the meeting of the world’s needs and one’s passions) and live lives influenced by more meaningful concerns through asking serious questions of themselves. The authors exhibit a genuine understanding and concern for the turmoil of the first decade of adulthood as they cover topics including embarking on careers, finding places in church, making sense of childhood experiences, and growing into new family roles. The authors also take fresh approaches to conventional self-help notions, such as encouraging self-improvement through the development of strengths rather than the reduction of faults. Each chapter ends with thoughtful exercises for readers to apply to their lives. Though the tone is light throughout, Moser and Fankhauser provide many jumping-off points for deep contemplation about a wide range of fraught areas for those starting adulthood. Christian readers setting out into the wilds of adulthood will find this a helpful guide.

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  • Title : Ready or Not: Leaning into Life in Our Twenties
  • Authors:
    • Moser, Drew
    • Fankhauser, Jess
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2018
  • ISBN: 9781631467981


Save $12.00 (75%)