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30 Days in the Land with Jesus: A Holy Land Devotional

ISBN: 9780802495754
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A devotional that brings the Bible to life

What encouragement we receive when the Bible meets us where we are—just imagine how much more eye-opening it is when we encounter the Bible where it was written.

30 Days in the Land with Jesus takes the reader on a spiritual journey through the Holy Word and the Holy Land, guided by renowned expert and author Dr. Charles H. Dyer.

Complemented by vivid, full-color photography, each daily devotion draws new insight and inspiration from the ancient sites that framed the earthly ministry of Jesus Christ. Plus, the hardcover binding and ribbon marker make it a wonderful gift or bedside read.

Entries include:

  • Jesus in the Wilderness (Matt. 4:1–11)
  • Mount Gerizim: Not Where, but How (John 4:1–26)
  • Atop Mount Arbel (Matt. 4:12–17)
  • Shorty in the Sycamore (Luke 19:1–10)
  • The Three Gethsemanes (Matt. 26:36–46)

Your understanding of the person, work, and words of Jesus Christ will take on an added dimension with this day-by-day exploration of the world in which He walked.

From the Back Cover

Do you ever wish you had just a little bit more context?

How about a lot more? Understanding the setting of Jesus’ life can deepen our understanding of His messages. Whether you’ve been to the Holy Land or simply long to go, this book can take you there. 30 Days in the Land with Jesus is a unique devotional that can help you better visualize the places where the stories of the New Testament unfolded. Dr. Charlie Dyer welcomes you to read slowly, experience Jesus’ surroundings, and drink deeply of His truths.

Thirty Days in the Land with Jesus will not only hold a place in my favorite books collection, but it will also be within reach on my bedside table. Second only to being with Charlie on one of his renowned Holy Land tours, this devotional will make you feel as if you are there – and make you want to make the trip.” Jerry B. Jenkins, Novelist & Biographer; Owner, Christian Writers Guild

Charles H. Dyer (BA Washington Bible College; ThM and PhD, Dallas Theological Seminary) served for ten years as provost of Moody Bible Institute before becoming professor-at-large of Bible and host of The Land and the Book radio program. He is the author of numerous books, including A Voice in the Wilderness, What’s Next?, The Rise of Babylon, and The New Christian Traveler’s Guide to the Holy Land.  His most recent book is Character Counts: The Power of Personal Integrity.

Table of Contents
Introduction: Imagine Being There 9
Day 1— Swaddling Clothes for a King 13
Day 2— Wise Men from Where? 21
Day 3— Jesus in the Temple 29
Day 4— The Puzzling Prophecy: A Messiah from Shoot Town 37
Day 5— Jesus in the Wilderness 45
Day 6— The Hometown Boy 53
Day 7— Mount Gerizim: Not Where, but How 61
Day 8— Atop Mount Arbel 71
Day 9— Show Dogs and Hunting Dogs 79
Day 10—Jesus and Chorazin 87
Day 11—Stilling the Storm 93
Day 12—The Devil Ham Man from Horse Town 101
Day 13—The Two–Part Miracle 109
Day 14—Caesarea Philippi: Peter and Pan 117
Day 15—The Transfiguration 123
Day 16—Feeding the Five Thousand 131
Day 17—Feeding the Four Thousand 139
Day 18—Nain 147
Day 19—Carrying Our Millstone 155
Day 20—Does God Help Those Who Help Themselves? 163
Day 21—When Jesus Celebrated Hanukkah 171
Day 22—Blind Bart and the Two Jerichos 179
Day 23—Shorty in the Sycamore 187
Day 24—The Tearful, Triumphant Entry 195
Day 25—Jesus Cleanses the Temple 203
Day 26—The Upper Room 211
Day 27—The Three Gethsemanes 219
Day 28—The Road to Calvary 227
Day 29—The Road to Emmaus 235
Day 30—A Fish Fry with Jesus 243

Product Details

  • Title : 30 Days in the Land with Jesus: A Holy Land Devotional
  • Author: Dyer, Charles H.
  • Publisher: Moody Publishers
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • ISBN: 9780802495754

DR. CHARLIE DYER served for 33 years on the faculty and in the administration of three different institutions, including 20 years at Dallas Seminary and ten years as Provost of the Moody Bible Institute. In 2010 Charlie became Professor-at-Large of Bible for Moody Bible Institute and host of The Land and the Book radio program, which is heard on more than 350 stations across the United States. For much of his time in ministry Charlie has taken groups to Israel and the other lands of the Bible. Over the past four decades he has traveled to Israel nearly a hundred times, helping several thousand people experience firsthand the life-changing impact that comes from spending time in the land of the Bible.

In addition to his speaking, teaching, and guiding, Charlie has authored or co-authored numerous books, including The Rise of Babylon, What's Next?, The Christian Traveler's Guide to the Holy Land, Character Counts, 30 Days in the Land with Jesus, 30 Days in the Land of the Psalms, A Voice in the Wilderness, Strike the Dragon, The ISIS Crisis, and Clash of Kingdoms. He also contributed to The Bible Knowledge Commentary (Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel), Nelson's Old Testament Survey (Isaiah-Malachi), and The Moody Bible Commentary (Jeremiah, Lamentations, and Ezekiel).

Charlie and his wife Kathy live near Phoenix, Arizona. They have two grown children and four grandchildren.


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    Digital list price: $11.99
    Save $4.20 (35%)