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Wondrous Pursuit: Daily Encounters with an Almighty God

ISBN: 9781683590088


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The Wondrous Pursuit is for You

“Let your pursuit of God be a wondrous pursuit, a story worth telling, and a daring experience worth reliving day after day.”

Whether you’re a new Christian looking for direction in your spiritual walk or a longtime Christian in need of fresh perspective on how to follow Jesus, Wondrous Pursuit is for you. In it, Jarrid Wilson walks with readers through 30 days of intentionally chasing after God, helping you discover renewed strength in moments of fast growth and careful waiting alike.

The daily Scripture readings and reflection questions will help you consider the different aspects of pursuing God and how you can better implement them in your own life. Throughout, you’ll be reminded: the pursuit of God is the most wondrous pursuit your life could hold.


Praise for Wondrous Pursuit

It is in the daily pursuit of God where we feel most alive, for it is there that we encounter why we were created. Wondrous Pursuit will stir a hunger within you to know God more and draw you closer to Jesus as you walk daily with Him. I’m grateful that Jarrid Wilson has taken the time to invite us into a deeper journey with God.

Banning Liebscher, founder and pastor of Jesus Culture

Faith should be a buoyant force that lifts us into the stratosphere, but it is often a millstone that sinks us to the depths. Jarrid Wilson reminds us that faith is easier than we assume, that grace is freer than we believe, and that God is more majestic than we know. If you’re worn out from striving for God’s affection, then Wondrous Pursuit is for you. It will liberate you with this stunning truth: When you decide to chase after the Almighty, you will discover that you are already home.

Jonathan Merritt, contributing writer for The Atlantic, author of Jesus is Better Than You Imagined

Top Highlights

“Examine your heart and ask whether you’re pursuing God or pursuing the things that serve as signposts on the way to him.” (Page 10)

“Because living for others’ approval is a draining process that will never harvest eternal fulfillment.” (Page 15)

“Pleasing people isn’t found in any drop of what it means to be immersed in the Christian life. It’s simply contrary to the calling we’ve been given.” (Page 15)

“While theology and academics can help enrich our understanding of God and his word, scholarly wisdom should not be the sole object of our pursuit. These are only signposts on our chase for the main goal: Jesus. Building our spiritual houses on top of human-made foundations will surely lead us to eventual destruction, but building upon the beauty and omnipotence of God will surely keep us standing tall generation after generation.” (Pages 9–10)

“The pursuit of God has many facets—including prayer, worship, church, community, meditation, servanthood, and grace” (Page 1)


  • Day 1: Wake Up, Sleeper
  • Day 2: Chasing Signposts
  • Day 3: Who Are You Following?
  • Day 4: Citizens of Heaven
  • Day 5: Pouring Yourself into Others
  • Day 6: God Is on Your Side
  • Day 7: Christ with Me, Christ before Me
  • Day 8: For You Are with Me
  • Day 9: At Death’s Door
  • Day 10: Work with Your Hands
  • Day 11: “In” the World or “Of” the World?
  • Day 12: When the World Tells You You’re Crazy
  • Day 13: Be Strong and Courageous
  • Day 14: Enrich Your Knowledge of God
  • Day 15: God amid the Silence
  • Day 16: A Cord of Three
  • Day 17: At the Core
  • Day 18: The Elevator Pitch
  • Day 19: It All Became Garbage
  • Day 20: Pressing On toward the Goal
  • Day 21: Dealing with Doubters
  • Day 22: Patience and the Swing Set
  • Day 23: It’s Not About You
  • Day 24: More Than a Book
  • Day 25: Two Masters
  • Day 26: The Fruit of the Spirit
  • Day 27: The Gospel in a Few Words
  • Day 28: The Mustard Seed
  • Day 29: Perfect Timing
  • Day 30: May His Face Shine on You

Product Details

  • Title: Wondrous Pursuit: Daily Encounters with an Almighty God
  • Author: Jarrid Wilson
  • Publisher: Kirkdale Press
  • Publication Date: 2016
  • Pages: 144
  • Format: Logos Digital, Paperback
  • Trim Size: 5x8
  • ISBN: 9781683590088

About Jarrid Wilson

Jarrid Wilson is a husband, dad, author, and inspirational blogger. His previous books include Jesus Swagger: Break Free from Poser Christianity and 30 Words: A Devotional for the Rest of Us. He blogs at


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    Save 25% off during the Memorial Day Sale!


    Print list price: $12.99
    Regular price: $8.99
    Save $2.25 (25%)