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Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline

, 2017
ISBN: 9781631466441
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Rich, soul-inspiring practices for moms who have neither quiet nor time.
Dirty laundry, crayon-smeared bills, and smashed crackers . . . And there’s your Bible—buried under a pile of diapers. Bleary-eyed from lack of sleep, without a moment of peace and quiet, you wonder if the spiritual life you crave is even possible. But God sees you. He designed this parenting journey, after all. He understands the chaos of motherhood. And he joins you in everything—whether you’re scrubbing the floor, nursing a fussy newborn, or driving to soccer practice. Catherine McNiel invites you to connect with God right here, in the sacred mundane of every mothering moment.

Catherine has written so beautifully of a woman’s spiritual pathway to God. She has found the words to express what so many of us experience: repetitiveness of service that becomes a mysterious celebration of the sacredness of life and the presence of God. I wish I had written this book myself: a book that celebrates the spaghetti days of family, the wonder of pregnancy and birthing, and, above all, the sacredness of the journey.

Writing in the tradition of Brother Lawrence, Catherine McNiel shows readers how to keep company with God in the everyday. But she is no monastic. She is a mother, caught in the turbulence of life with small children. How I wish I’d had this book—and her example—when I was just beginning my journey into motherhood.

Here’s a book for every Christian parent forced to smile through an exhortation to “enjoy every moment; it’s all over so fast!” Catherine McNiel doesn’t urge you to “make time for God” in early parenting but rather to see God there already: in the trial, in the joy, in the leaky diapers, plugged ducts, and scraped knees. Instead of being one more call to “sleep when the baby sleeps,” her book can help a weary parent wake up a bit more to the eternal life they’re living.

Catherine’s words are nothing short of a banquet table of nourishment for a hungry mama’s soul. Long Days of Small Things invites the reader to see the mundane tasks of motherhood (changing diapers, folding laundry, planning meals, etc.)—not as interruptions to our spiritual life—but as an oft-overlooked path closer to Jesus. Accept Catherine’s invitation, mom. Read and be seen, feel valued, and awaken to the beautiful, spiritual practice of motherhood.

Moms, if you don’t have time to read a book, this is the book for you! If you hunger to connect to God, these words will nourish your deep places. On every page you will be reminded that your children don’t distract you from the way—they are the way to a richer, more meaningful life. Offering simple doable practices to connect to God, McNiel’s beautifully woven words will strengthen you for your journey.

Motherhood is about the sculpting of souls, and Catherine McNiel hands you desperately needed tools. Not only for the formation of your family—but for your own soul. Let God do a holy, needful work through the pages you hold in your hands.

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  • Title : Long Days of Small Things: Motherhood as a Spiritual Discipline
  • Author: McNiel, Catherine
  • Publisher: NavPress
  • Publication Date: 2017
  • ISBN: 9781631466441


Digital list price: $14.99
Save $5.25 (35%)