Reach Avid Christian
Readers through
Faithlife Ebooks

Avid Christian Readers through Faithlife Ebooks

More than just Christian ebooks, Faithlife Ebooks are specially tagged to reveal Scripture references with a tap.

The Faithlife Ebooks Advantage

Tap into a Vast Audience

We serve a diverse range of Christian readers—including tens of thousands of Logos Bible Software users.

Enhance Your Ebook

Every Faithlife Ebook has one-touch Scripture lookup—perfect for non-fiction and inspirational resources.

Engage with Your Audience

If you choose to create a Faithlife group, users can chat with the author and even read your resource right in a native social media platform made just for Christians.

Submission Requirements

Full Rights

You must possess full rights to publish the resource.

A Proven Sales History

Give us an estimate of how many units of the resource you’ve sold. We’ll consider a resource with at least a few hundred orders.

A Paragraph Summary

What’s your book about? No need to go in-depth. We just want to get a sense of the content and what sets it apart. Short and sweet is best.

An Epub File

Send us the book itself in epub format. Also include metadata in onix feed or .xcl format.

Email Us to Start the Conversation

Email Us to Start the Conversation

Send the information above to to get the conversation started.